9 Ways to Have Fun on Group SUPs

SAN DIEGO, California - Stand up paddle boarding is on the upward trend in participation and with that comes more opportunities for even more fun. In the past couple of years we’ve seen the rise in popularity for group SUPs, as in a paddle board that can hold a group of paddlers at one time. Many brands in today’s market have some version of a multi-person SUP on offer and there are now even team races being held on these larger SUPs. With the rise in popularity we wanted to share 9 ways you can have fun on a group SUP.

1. Get the Entire Family Onboard

Because group SUPs are suited for multiple people, why not take the entire family onboard? Grab your partner, kids, parents and friends and make it a family event. What a better way to create special memories with your loved ones than taking a paddle on a group SUP.

2. Participate in A Race

group sup fun race1 group sup fun race

Shots from the Dragon Race World Series in 2017. | Photos Courtesy: Red Paddle Co.

Switch up your weekend racing routine and join a team race. 2017 officially launched the Dragon Series races specially suited for teams of four paddlers each. With more and more races including these team racing formats, the more opportunities for you to try it out with a group of your friends. And if you’re really digging the idea, the Dragon Race Series hosts a championship event to crown a world champion team at the end of the year, how fun!

3. Catch Waves

group sup fun surf group sup fun surf1

A group of friends take the brand new Body Glove Crusader SUP out for a spin. | Photos Courtesy: Body Glove

If you want to take the adrenaline route then this is the choice for you. There’s no doubt that this activity will put a smile on your face. From big waves to small the opportunities are endless on this one and more likely than not you’ll become addicted! Just make sure you choose a location where there aren’t many people around. You don’t want to end up running over some innocent bystanders!

4. Take Your Pet

group sup fun petsThe Megalodon: a place for your pooch. | Photo Courtesy: Isle Surf & SUP

With an XXL SUP on hand you should have more than enough room to take your pet along for a ride every once in awhile. This is also an excellent way to get your pets who are new to paddle boarding used to being on the water. Just make sure you have your furry friends wear their life jackets in case they decide to go for a swim!

5. Go Fishing

group sup fun fishingIsle Surf & SUP's Megalodon is large enough for you to team up on some SUP fishing! | Photo Courtesy: Isle Surf & SUP

SUP fishing requires a lot of gear so with a bigger board comes more opportunities for SUP fishing. In this case, go with a couple mates and cast a couple lines from the SUP and cruise until the fish start to bite. Who knows, maybe you’ll reel in the catch of the day!

6. Take A Tour

group sup fun tour group sup fun tour1

Aqua Marina's Mega multi-person SUP can hold up to 650kg (1433 lbs)! | Photos Courtesy: Aqua Marina

Forego your individual paddle boards for the day and choose a group SUP. Go for a tour with your buddies and explore the local watering hole, nooks and crannies at your nearest lake or paddle up the coastline to some beaches only accessible by water. Teamwork and adventure will be at play here which is sure to be a good time.

7. Have A Picnic

group sup fun picnicPhoto Courtesy: Isle Surf & SUP

Looking for an awesome date idea or a family activity? Take your group SUP out and have a picnic on the water! Grab a few sandwiches, snacks and drinks and paddle somewhere where you can just chill and relax for an hour or two. It’ll guaranteed be the best meal you have that day!

8. Whitewater Rafting

group sup fun rafting group sup fun rafting1

C4 Waterman produces multiple group SUPs, some of which are perfect for a whitewater adventure! | Photos Courtesy: C4 Waterman

If you want to take whitewater rafting to the next level then grabbing your group SUP and a few friends will definitely get your adrenaline going. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, the area that you’re going to be paddling in and wearing all the safety equipment required, as this activity is not for beginners.

9. Yoga / Fitness

group sup fun fitness1Isle Surf & SUPs Megalodon is even awesome for some SUP fitness activities. | Photo Courtesy: Isle Surf & SUP

More board equals more stability and with group SUPs you’re getting a ton of stability. If you’re testing the waters on SUP yoga or fitness ideas/routines then group SUPs are a great place to start. Whether you want to try it out solo or take a friend you’ve got more than enough room and stability to take part in some on-water fitness.

No matter the path you choose it’s practically a given that you’re going to have an absolute blast when you step onto a group SUP. If you can you think of any ideas not listed here we’d love for you to tell us how you’d like to have fun on a group SUP in the comments below!

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