Best Standup Paddleboards 2024

After personally paddling, weighing, and thoroughly testing dozens of boards, our expert staff has selected the best stand up paddle board 2024 models. These are designated by the "A" grade and organized by categories (inflatable, all-around, touring, etc). In its 7th year, the Supconnect team spent countless hours individually assessing each one of the SUP boards below, counting a total of 23 metrics per board and consistently applying them across all products. The end result: simply the most comprehensive, consumer-friendly, value-added review platform in the stand up paddle world. Click through each one of the reviews and find a consistent, in-depth assessment of each product listed.

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The Best SUP Boards 2024
  • SIC Maui RS
  • Starboard Sprint Expedition
  • Surftech Generator
  • BOTE EasyRider
  • Pau Hana Big EZ Stowaway Lite
  • Body Glove Performer '11
  • Aqua Marina Glow
  • NAGI Outo Inspire
  • ISLE Pioneer 3

best standup paddle board 2020 sic maui rs 2

best standup paddle board 2020 body glove porter 2best standup paddle board 2020 body glove porter 2



 A Comparison

The Best Paddle Boards 2023


Picture Board Weight Price Use Skill Build Width
best sup jobe yarra elite 2023 Starboard Sprint Expedition 28 lbs $2,949 Touring Intermediate/Advanced Non-Inflatable 29.5 inches
best stand up paddle boards 2023 blackfin model x  SIC Maui RS 27.4 lbs $2,499.95 Race Advanced Non-Inflatable 23 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 Surftech Body Glove Performer '11 23.3 lbs $999 All-Around Beginner Inflatable 34 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 BOTE BOTE EasyRider 28 lbs $649 All-Around/Hybrid Intermediate Inflatable 36 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 Surftech Surftech Generator 25.1 lbs $1,395 All-Around Beginner Non-Inflatable 32 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 pauhana Pau Hana Big EZ Stowaway Lite 18 lbs $599 All-Around Beginner Inflatable 32 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 ISLE ISLE Pioneer 3 19 lbs $695 All-Around/Hybrid Beginner Inflatable 34 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 Aqua Marina Aqua Marina Glow 18.1 lbs €699 All-Around Beginner Inflatable 31 inches
supconnect best sup 2024 NAGI NAGI Outo Inspire 21 lbs $639.99 All-Around Beginner Inflatable 32 inches


Best Paddle Boards 101

3 Things to Consider to Find the Best SUP


1. USE

The beauty of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is that there are so many ways and situations where you can participate. Here at Supconnect we break down the different uses of a paddle board into 7 categories: All Around, Touring, Yoga, Fishing, Race, Surf and River. Each category has their own specific purpose and thus, a different shape/design is necessary for each. There are boards that fit into multiple SUP disciplines and can be used in a variety of ways. A brief breakdown of each category is as follows:

  • All Around: For multiple purposes but primarily for recreation
  • Touring: For cruising paddles beyond the shoreline and for expedition paddling
  • Yoga: For optimal stability as a floating yoga mat
  • Fishing: For stability to cast the line, with plenty of accessories
  • Race: For speed, coming with lightweight build
  • Surf: For maneuverability and wave handling
  • River: For rapids, river eddies and river wave riding


The best SUPs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From inflatables to non-inflatables to 14’ race boards to 36” wide yoga boards, the best paddle boards come in a wide variety. What makes one board fall into the "best" category are a few factors:

  • Quality. Quality is a massive factor leading into what gives a SUP a "best" rating. If a board is in a lower price point but uses higher quality materials in its construction the board is going to stand out compared to other boards of the same price point using basic or lower grade materials.
  • Looks. The board, to put it simply, is beautiful. Whether it's a simple mix of colors laid out beautifully or a highly detailed mix of graphics, the board needs to look good.
  • Add on's. Add on's are key. They, in a way, are 'upgrades' to a board and make the SUP stand out from others that are basic. Add on's could easily be a deciding factor between choosing one board over another which is why boards with add on's will almost always get a few extra points in our book.


Add-on’s are accessories for a paddle board that add to your experience on/off the water. The quality of the bag/backpack and the air pump tend to be directly related to the board’s price points. Aside from your paddle, bags and pumps are the most important add-on’s to your board and can drastically improve your overall experience with the board, such as helping you more easily carry the board and/or pump it up more quickly. Other popular add on’s include bungee cords, a minimalist way to haul things; Connexsup, which allows for all sorts of attachments, even fishing rods; and FCS II/Connect, for easy fin instal. Other add on’s could be upgraded handles like the Liftsup & EZgrab and paddle holders for when you aren’t using your paddle. The best paddle boards almost always will have one if not all of these add-ons included.


Best Paddle Board Reviews


Starboard Sprint Expedition

starboard sprint expedition 2023 standup paddle board review 35

If there’s one thing to takeaway from this board it’s this: speedy and stable. Okay, maybe that’s two things. But you get the point. The Starboard Sprint Expedition is perfectly named for its ability. It’s an extremely fast board that is designed specifically for expedition paddling. This paddle board is one of the best quality boards that you’re going to find on the market for expedition paddling. It’s durable, fairly lightweight and can haul a ton of gear making it suitable for multi-day expeditions. The board features some pretty nifty design elements to it as well that make it perform well. For one, the larger than normal dugout standing deck area really adds to the overall stability of this board which is obviously something you’re going to want when you have the board packed with essential gear. Now there are a few sizes available on offer for this board in terms of width so the wider option is going to be more stable, narrower will lose some of that stability but shouldn’t be too drastic of a difference. On the water, I felt so unbelievably stable. So much so that dare I say I've never felt as stable on a touring board like this.Overall, the Sprint Expedition is a paddleboard that is a top-notch choice for paddlers looking for a premium expedition board that has stability, durability and speed. A-grade and job well done on this one to team Starboard.

See our full review HERE.


Price: $2,949 Build: Non-Inflatable Weight: 28 lbs
Use: Touring  Skill: Intermediate / Advanced
Size: 14" x 29.5" x 10"





sic maui rs 2023 standup paddle board review

Here's what it comes down to: If you want the board that will get everyone else jealous and will get you giggly to hit the water and paddle, look no further. This is it. To put it in context, I pulled this board out of the car and it was the only board where the people around walked up to us and said 'that thing is a thing of beauty.' It's an art piece and is truly stunning. The graphics are gorgeous and elegant, true to SIC Maui fashion and the shape and performance match the looks of the board. The second you get this board in the water it's just a rocket ship. For as narrow as it is it's shockingly stable and it just goes fast. For features, the board has drain holes on the deck and a foot well so it can handle some chop and be fairly sheltered from the bump. It goes downwind also very well and is just a joy. One of the main indicators of how much time you spend in the water is how much your equipment is and the equipment here is just phenomenal. It is the example and standard of what a phenomenal standup paddle race board is and should be.

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Price: $2,499.95 Build: Non-Inflatable  Weight: 27.4 lbs 
Use: Race Skill: Advanced Size: 14' x 23"





Body Glove Performer '11

bodygloveperformer11 stand up paddle board review 2024 22

The Body Glove Performer 11 once again has a fresh look for 2024 but the construction and features of the board are essentially the same. The 2024 version has a different color scheme that is bright and vibrant, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and novice paddlers alike. The Body Glove Performer 11 is known for being a very well-made, all-around paddle board and year after year it continues to hold up to that reputation and standard. This paddle board is great for beginners who want a paddle board that is going to be easy to transport and that has the stability that you're looking for. The board features a durable PVC construction that is lightweight and easy to store and transport. The hull is durable and rigid once inflated which makes it very firm when you blow it up, and the deck pad has an EVA foam that has that double traction so you don't slip with the engraved foot marks. Speaking of footmarks, this is a nice, subtle feature that really helps the beginner paddlers in guiding them to properly using the board to have the best on-water experience which we truly appreciate. The paddle board comes with an all-around package and a very nice well-made backpack with a fin that you don't need any tools to put in which is nice and convenient. Overall, this board is a great choice if you’re a beginner looking for your first inflatable SUP and for those who are looking for a high-quality and affordable all around stand up paddle board inflatable. 100% an A-grade board.

See our full review HERE.


Price: $999 Build: Inflatable Weight: 23.3 lbs
Use: All-Around  Skill: Beginner
Size: 11' x 34" x 5.4"





BOTE EasyRider

bote easyrider 2024 standup paddle board review

When it comes to the graphics, the EasyRider definitely pops and has a really nice mix of orange and blue tones that carry throughout the entire package. From the board to the paddle, to the backpack and kayak seat the package has a really nice graphical touch throughout which for BOTE is something we’ve come to expect. They always have done and continue to do an excellent job on design and branding. For the board itself, it has a ton of add on features that really add a nice touch package. It has added handles on the nose and tail of the board that allows carrying to be much easier or being able to grab hold of the board much easier. On the water, this board was SO stable. Again, due to the width here. This definitely is something that is a must for these SUP/Kayak hybrids so the Easyrider here delivers. When converted to a kayak, the seat included is surprisingly comfortable and stable. The aluminum paddle that’s included is also really nice and is adjustable and convertible from a SUP to a kayak paddle within seconds. Overall, the Easyrider from BOTE is a high-quality kayak/SUP hybrid board at a reasonable price and would be great for someone that also loves to fish or haul a bunch of gear on their paddles. With that, we’re giving this board the A-grade in the Hybrid category.

See our full review HERE.

Price: $649 Build: Inflatable  Weight: 28 lbs 
Use: All-Around / Hybrid Skill: Beginner Size: 10'4" x 36" x 6"





Surftech Generator

surftech generator standup paddleboard review 2023 cover

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Surftech Generator over the years and have seen the evolution of the board design. For the 2024 Generator we reviewed it in its all-new Madera construction. (Note: the Generator has multiple construction options and designs that may alter board performance). At first glance the board is gorgeous, taking the minimalistic approach when it comes to graphics and whatnot. Sometimes boards can be over-designed so we like that Surftech continues the minimalist approach here and lets the beauty of the bamboo shine through all on its own. Speaking of the bamboo – this is part of the new Madera construction that features sustainably sourced timber which is a very nice and thoughtful feature to have here. The board features also take the minimalist approach with only having the bungee cord on the nose available as an add on. And the fin setup is 2+1 so there’s some versatility there that helps based on the conditions you want to paddle in. So, if you’re looking for something with tons of bells and whistles, this might not be the board for you. BUT, if you’re looking for quality, durability and sustainability, the Generator in the Madera construction is a great option for paddlers of all skills and sizes. On the water, the board felt sturdy and stable and had a nice glide to it. Nothing too fast but definitely not slow either, which is what you would expect for an all around board. The board is still incredibly stable and works as an all around board that can surf, cruise in flat water and is a board that the whole family can enjoy.

See our full review HERE.

Price: $1,395 Build: Non-Inflatable Weight: 25.1 lbs
Use: All-Around Skill: Beginner Size: 10'6" x 32" x 4.4"





Pau Hana Big EZ Stowaway Lite

pau hana big ez stowaway 2024 standup paddle board review

Straight out of the gates this board was one we were really excited to unbox based on the packaging alone. It had really cool graphics on it and stood out among other boxes in our review lineup. The unboxing of the board did not disappoint either. The second we pulled out the board it immediately made our entire team say ‘wow’! The board is gorgeous and the design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and is possibly one of the most eye-catching paddle boards we have ever seen. We’re borderline obsessed. And the best part is this limited edition series from Pau Hana has 10 unique designs in total, all of which are stunning to say the least. The board colorway we tested is called the ‘Hippy Wave’. And not only was the board awesome at first glance, the quality of the included dry storage bag is amazing too. The material is thick and durable but also thin and light! It’s quite rare to have the included bag with a paddleboard double as a dry bag so this is a very thoughtful touch from the design team at Pau Hana. Another design feature on this board that we really enjoy and appreciate is how the traction pad spans all the way from the tail to the nose. The full grip makes having kids or pups on board a lot easier (less slip on the nose) and also works well if you plan on using the board for some SUP yoga or fitness. A big takeaway on this board is that its design is incredibly compact and lightweight but it doesn’t seem to sacrifice on durability or quality to get that lightweight feel. And because of this unique feature the board and package as a whole is an excellent option for adventure seekers who want to go off the beaten path to paddle but don’t want to lug around a heavy bag. Alternatively, it’s also a great option for the city folk who need something small and compact. On the water the board wasn’t as stable as something you’d experience in larger inflatables but it definitely was manageable. Beginners might just have a little more of a learning curve to feel stable and get the hang of it. The glide on the board was also on the slower side, likely due to the twin fin design. It felt like it dragged a little bit but wasn’t too heavy. That being said, this board is meant for recreational use, not speed, so in that sense it serves its purpose well and does an excellent job. Overall, the Pau Hana Big EZ Stowaway is a stunner of a board at a great price and is a great fit for someone who wants/needs something lightweight and easily transportable, has good quality and can be used for just about all skill levels and paddler sizes. A well deserved A-grade board.

See our full review HERE.

Price: $599 Build: Inflatable  Weight: 18 lbs 
Use: All-Around Skill: Beginner Size: 11' x 32" x 6"





ISLE Pioneer 3

isle pioneer3 2024 standup paddle board review

The Pioneer 3 was incredibly stable on the water making it a perfect family-friendly beginner all around board. At 10’6” the width of the board, which is a large factor when it comes to the stability, is a bit wider than what we typically see at this length but it doesn’t hinder the overall shape of the board design or bog it down which is nice. Moving on to the bells and whistles of the board, there are quite a few add on’s that really make this board a great value. First, the added handles on the nose and tail really help in transport of the board. Speaking of transport, the included bag it comes in is really nice quality and has a great design with wheels and a stand that helps it stand upright. Great for airport travel for sure. Next, the board has both a nose and tail bungee attachments which is great for carrying cargo on the board whether it be gear, kiddos or even your pup. And the full deck pad, which is really comfortable and soft to the touch, helps a ton with keeping gear secure and avoiding a slippery surface. The Pioneer 3 also features ISLE’s patented link system which allows for multiple attachment points throughout the board so adding in accessories is quite easy and flexible in terms of where you want to have them attached. Speaking of accessories, the board comes with a kayak seat, footrest and paddle attachment options which is really fun if you want to switch it up from time to time. One thing that can be improved here is the included leash accessory. The leash is made of a mesh fabric and is lower quality compared to the more durable coiled leashes that are industry standard. When paddling the board, it wasn’t fast, wasn’t too slow and had a pretty average glide which was to be expected for the all around shape. Overall, the Pioneer 3 package is pretty great considering the price point, quality and all that it includes with it which is why it’s deserving of our A-grade award.

See our full review HERE.

Price: $695 Build: Inflatable Weight: 19 lbs
Use: All-Around/Hybrid Skill: Beginner Sizes: 10'6" x 34" x 6"





Aqua Marina Glow

aquamarinaglow stand up paddle board review 2024 17

Wow!!! That’s honestly our first impression here. This board is so unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s in a category of its own, that’s for sure. Yes, we’ve seen accessories that you can add to your board that give fun lighting effects but nothing that has been built into the board. The thoughtfulness that the Aqua Marina team had here was quite impressive. And for the price point you’ve got yourself something really special and unique. Now when it comes to the graphics of the board, the muted gray tones really work well here to allow the glow in the dark (GITD) effect to take all the attention. But even without the GITD the graphics are nice and clean. Let’s move on to features. Obviously the GITD is the main feature here but the way it's incorporated is quite interesting. The board uses an ambient light system that is controlled by a mount on the nose of the board, and also an included remote that is easy to use. And even cooler, there are a bunch of different lighting options to play with and choose from. It’s not just a static glow feature. Very nice touch! But what’s more, and even more impressive is that the board still features and includes some great elements to it. First, the all-new Iconic Red Bungee strap system which really helps to further secure and hold down any gear to the deck of the board. The thick straps are awesome. Then, they’ve also upped their game on their toolless fin system, making it even easier to attach the fin. Very nice touches and additions here. When it comes to the performance of the board on the water it felt very stable and durable and had a fairly nice glide to it but once we started to pick up speed there was a bit of a drag to it. So if you’re looking for a board that can go longer distances this probably isn’t your best option. However, if you’re looking for something that cruises around where you can hang out and paddle with leisure this works well for that. But again though, this boards biggest draw and design intent was for nighttime paddling and an experience and it does just that. During our evening session to get more of the glow effect from this board we were blown away by the experience. The lighting effects were really bright, not dull at all and the safety light on the nose of the board was very apparent and made us feel safe knowing that we were in fact visible to other watercraft. Overall, the Glow is truly one-of-a-kind. The innovation alone warrants the board to have an A-grade. Amazing job to the team at Aqua Marina.

See our full review HERE.

Price: €699 Build: Inflatable Weight: 18.1 lbs
Use: All-Around Skill: Beginner Size: 10'4" x 31" x 6"



NAGI Outo Inspire

NAGIouto stand up paddle board review 2024 1

As the first time reviewing a NAGI board we weren’t sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised with not only the quality of the board but the overall package. One of the bigger items/features that stood out was the construction and how it felt incredibly durable with the use of the military grade PVC drop-stitch material and the reinforced rails. This is something we typically see with inflatable boards that are a bit pricier so having this feature at this price point is a definite highlight. And another surprise here was even though the construction here is heavier-duty in terms of durability, you’re not feeling that when it comes to the weight of the board. When carrying and transporting the board it felt very lightweight and was easy to move around. Another surprise with the board was all the bells and whistles that it came with. From the action mount attachment on the nose, to the dual bungees on the nose and tail to the added handles on the nose and tail to the paddle holder attachments on the rail, the Inspire has so much packed in. In terms of aesthetics, the colorways on the board are pretty simple with a teal color throughout the board and then slight graphical designs on the nose of the board. When it comes to the included accessories the package has a set of three-fins which is helpful and a nice feature for those wanting to take the board out in the surf. The side bite fins seem to be a bit larger than what you’d typically want for use in the surf so with that I would probably recommend smaller surf for this board. So if you want something more high performance you might want to look at a composite (non-inflatable) option. The backpack, leash, 3-piece paddle and pump that are included are also pretty nice quality and up to industry standards. On the water my first impression is how well it glided through the water. I didn't feel a lot of drag or a lot of weight holding me down and I was able to kind of cruise with really good ease. Another thing I liked about this paddle board is that it has the raised deck pad on the back so when I was turning kind of fast I was able to turn really sharp and still feel stable. While this board is primarily marketed more towards a surf SUP, ideally I really like this more as a touring inflatable board, especially with all the add on’s and features. Overall, the quality of the construction and add on’s at this price point make the Inspire a great option for someone looking for a versatile inflatable that can work in many conditions and is also suitable for beginners.

See our full review HERE.

Price: $639.99 Build: Inflatable Weight: 21 lbs
Use: All-Around Skill: Beginner Size: 11'6" x 32" x 6"





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