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Our expert editorial team has personally reviewed 175+ stand up paddle board models from 2017 to 2020, paddling, weighing, and comparing them to each other. We begin our review process in the summer, when the Supconnect staff travels various industry tradeshows like the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show, Paddlesports Retailer and Surf Expo where the industry congregates to showcase their newest models. And finally, through all of winter, we meet with individual brands back in San Diego, California, where we get a chance to paddle, weigh, and compare even more stand up paddle boards. The end result is the world's most comprehensive review of stand up paddle boards to-date, selecting the best paddle boards of the season, and offering an in-depth analysis to be found nowhere else. FAQ

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  • Under $500

    The low-price point, where durability and performance are typically but not always compromised for the sake of affordability.

  • $500 - $1000

    The low/mid-price point, which tends to offer slight improvements to durability and performance, but still heavier build.

  • $1000 - $1,500

    The high/mid-price, which offers the largest array of products and normally with slightly lighter weight.

  • Above $1,500

    The high-price point, where boards typically come w/ best materials and accessories delivering lightweight, performance driven products.


  • Non-Inflatable

    Hard, composite boards, offering the broadest range in price and performance, with the low-price point tailored primarily for recreation while the higher-price point delivers the highest performing boards in the market.

  • Inflatable

    Inflatable boards offer the most convenience of storage while also delivering performances far beyond most people’s expectations, with the new technology making them quite stiff and tailored for various uses.


  • Beginner

    All-around boards primarily for recreation, with boards 30 inches + wide and often times heavier, more durable constructions.

  • Intermediate

    All-around and touring boards, with boards 28-30 inches wide boards and with better and more lightweight builds.

  • Advanced

    Specialty boards, designed for specific uses to help achieve top performance in yoga, fishing, race, surf, river.


    • All-Around

      For multiple purposes but primarily for recreation.

    • Touring

      For cruising paddles beyond the shoreline

    • Yoga

      For optimal stability as a floating yoga mat

    • Fishing

      For stability to cast the line, with plenty of accessories

    • Race

      For speed, coming with lightweight build

  • Surf

    For maneuverability and wave handling

  • River

    For rapids, river eddies and river wave riding

  • Group

    For groups of two or more paddlers

  • Kids

    For youth paddlers