Biggest SUP News In 2016

Kai Lenny made headlines all throughout the year in 2016. | Photo: Naish / Frankiebees Kai Lenny made headlines all throughout the year in 2016. | Photo: Naish / Frankiebees

SAN DIEGO, California - 2016 was a whirlwind year yet again and here at Supconnect we’ve reporting on everything from top SUP events to shark attacks and even journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. Now at the end of 2016, we take a look back at our most read news stories from the year. Take a look:

10. 2016 Supconnect Gear of the Year Awards Winners Announced

top sup news 2016 10

In August at the annual Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah, Supconnect announced the 2016 Gear of the Year Awards winners from our 2016 Supconnect Editor's Choice Awards. Read more HERE.

9. Humpback Whale Almost Swallows Paddle Boarder While Feeding

top sup news 2016 9

The video here shows paddler Viviana Guzman and friend paddle boarding in Half Moon Bay, California, when all of a sudden a humpback whale literally pops up next to Viviana to grab a bite of food. Pretty nuts. Watch it all happen HERE.

8. Surfing America Announces Comprehensive Changes of SUP & Paddle Boarding In US

top sup news 2016 8

Surfing America’s Board of Directors announced a new, comprehensive plan for the growth of SUP and Paddle Boarding in the United States. The new program includes: Development of the first ever SUP and Paddleboard National Championships, creation of two regional qualifying events and requirements to become an elite member of the 2017 US SUP & Paddleboarding team and more... Read more HERE.

7. Supconnect Announces 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards Winners

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After two months of deliberations and intense evaluations we announced the winners of the 2016 Supconnect Editor's Choice Awards. After nominating 30 or so men, women, groms and blogs per category, and an abundance of brands and shops in the stand up paddle industry we've finally narrowed down the extremely talented pool of nominees to the final chosen winners. Read more HERE.

6. Crazy Or Courageous: Man Attempting To Cross Atlantic On A SUP

top sup news 2016 6

Nicolas Jarossay, a 38 year-old French paddler, announced he would be making an attempt to be the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean, solo and unsupported, on a stand up paddle board. Jarossay planned to paddle over 2,500 miles (4500 kms)over two to three months, from Cape Verde to Martinique. Read more HERE.

5. World’s First Flexible Water Sports Jet-Engine Makes It’s Way To The Market

top sup news 2016 5

Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life it’s all about choices. SCUBAJET accepts the challenge and brings the most popular aquatic activities to the next level. The water sports gear impresses with an innovative design and allows to make decisions based on individual needs by combining motor power and paddling. Read more HERE.

4. Transatlantic SUP Expedition Sinks 24 Hours After Launch

top sup news 2016 4

After years of preparation and training, Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay was set to take to the water and attempt to be the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean, solo and unsupported, on a stand up paddle board. On April 10, 2016, Jarossay set off on his expedition in favorable weather and conditions but unfortunately, and for reasons still unknown, a broken rudder system caused Jarossay’s vessel to capsize forcing him to enable his distress beacon only 24 hours after launch. Read more HERE.

3. Paddle Boarder Collides With Jumping Shark

top sup news 2016 3

At Corners, Carlin Park, in Jupiter Beach, Florida paddle boarder Maximo Trinidad had quite the run in during his lunch break. While SUP surfing, out of nowhere a jumping shark collided with Maximo and knocks him off his board, scaring the living daylights out of him! Watch the video HERE.

2. Aggressive Shark Encounters With SUPs Being Reported On Maui

top sup news 2016 2

When we enter the oceans and waterways we are entering a realm in which we do not control. The creatures that call these bodies of water home are the true masters and we are merely taking a step, or in this case, paddle into their world. It is somewhat unsettling to report that in the waters off Maui, Hawaii there have been multiple incidents lately involving sharks becoming aggressive with paddle boards. Hawaii News Now reports that on Saturday January 23, 2016 a shark had bit a tourist’s paddle board about a half mile off the coast of Maui in Wailea. Read more HERE.

1. Connor Baxter Attacked By Shark While SUP Foiling

top sup news 2016 1

While on a Maliko downwind run off the coast of Maui, Hawaii with friends Zane Schweitzer and Alex Aguera, Connor Baxter found himself in a very scary situation. While on his Starboard SUP foil, Connor Baxter was attacked from behind by a 10 foot tiger shark. Read more HERE.

2016 was a great year filled with hundreds of news articles filled with adventure, technology, athletic accomplishments and more. These news features were the top ten most viewed articles in 2016. We look forward to another epic year in 2017!


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