World’s First Flexible Water Sports Jet-Engine Makes It’s Way To The Market

KLAGENFURT, Austria - Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life it’s all about choices. SCUBAJET accepts the challenge and brings the most popular aquatic activities to the next level. The water sports gear impresses with an innovative design and allows to make decisions based on individual needs by combining motor power and paddling.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports nowadays. Within a few seconds and requiring no tools, SCUBAJET turns every stock board into a powerful e-SUP-board. On top of that, SCUBAJET can be used for other water sports such as canoeing, diving and even for dinghies. Comparable to an e-bike, it turns your aquatic equipment into fast, comfortable and reliable devices.

The SmartPower Technology guarantees long battery life up to 1.5 hours and provides safe usage. SCUBAJET is safe for kids as well since jet-power instead of regular propeller motors is used. Additionally the auto-shut off system stops the engine immediately if you fall into the water and it will also be used for initial power on SCUBAJET over magnetic switch. Measuring only 81 cm (~31 inches) width, 25cm (~10 inches) in height and weighing just 2.4kg (~5.3 lbs), SCUBAJET is easy to transport and fits in every backpack.

SCUBA JET founder Patrizia Giovanniello wants to enhance water sport utilities with more fun and possibilities: “Our electric jet motor allows you to go further to find your perfect spot to enjoy. You are able to stay on the water longer and tackle bigger trips with your water buddies. SCUBAJET brings you back to the shore safely and is made for active people and sports enthusiasts as well as families.”

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Versatile Plug & Play Adapter System

One if the big advantages is the innovative adapter system that provides various possibilities to use SCUBAJET on any imaginable water sports equipment. Many of these adapters use standardized fin plugs for maximum convenience. By now there are adapters for more than 20 manufacturers supported. The list will be steadily extended until serial production starts.

“Beyond the retail market we also see an increasing potential in the B2B sector, especially when it comes to water sport rentals. The handling is pretty easy to explain and no technical skills are needed,” Giovanelli points out.

Different Jet-Engine Modes for Faster Fun

SCUBA JET offers various engine mappings for scuba diving (low speed and long battery life), power mode (short high speed sprints), SUP (paddling support) or freehand (surfing without a paddle). The plug and play system and the water resistant remote control make it easy to start, stop and select different speeds while using it on the water.

But it’s not only about fun and innovative design. Sustainability and environmental commitment played a central tole during the entire development process. “The power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible, so you can use it on protected waters without ruining the peace and quiet,” Giovanniello says.

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About the Founder

Patricia Giovanniello can look back to years of valuable experience in marketing within the sea freight industry. Since she was a little child she was a real sporting ace and a passionate water athlete.

She grew up in Switzerland near Lake Constance and pursued her water hobbies ever since. Three years ago, her daughter was born and she was confronted with reconciling family life and her beloved hobby. She didn’t want to five up water sports but she felt insecure about taking her daughter on the SUP board. “What if there is a thunderstorm coming up?” was one of the thoughts fostering her tentativeness. In addition, she wanted to take the whole family to the water without buying a motorboat to enjoy the beautiful summer in Carinthia.

Out of these the idea of creating a flexible motor for water sports emerged. Consequently, her boyfriend Armin and his father Gert developed the Scubajet. With SCUBAJET she turns her hobby into profession and finally combines her longstanding hobbies in water sports with her knowledge in marketing and sales.

To learn more about the SCUBAJET click HERE.

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