2014 SUP Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! It's time to get something awesome for the SUP'er in your life so here at Supconnect, we have put together a gift guide to help you decide what to get for your lover, mother, brother, sister, friend, or anyone for that matter. And who's to say you can't get a little something for yourself, 'Tis the season after all! Treat yourself to something you've always wanted! We've put together a list of SUP gear, SUP accessories, SUP boards and all the must have's for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

Take a look at the 2014 SUP Holiday Gift Guide below:  

 Gear & Accessories



Connex SUP Board Mounts


Price: $1-$2.50 per part



Description: SUP Think Tank has come up with a way to connect all your accessories: cameras, straps, coolers, GPS, fish finders, iPod's, iPad's, PFD's, or whatever you can imagine with this simple solution that has reinvented the way we connect to our sport.



FCS SUP Race Fins


Price: $130


Description: Let your favorite Racer feed your need for speed. Candice, Danny Ching, Slater Trout, Eric Terrien are all ready to take you faster and farther.


werner black






Grand Prix S1000


Price: $389-$465


Description: Matched with the new Small Fit, ladies can race with better performance. Small grip and shaft with a softer flex means better feel on the water. The choice of Fiona Wylde, Nikki Gregg, Lina Augaitis, Haley Mills and countless other top names. Paddle is under 15 ounces and designed for race with a 12 degree offset.


werner red



Soul M

Price: $269-$324


Description: The paddle for those looking for performance on a budget. Available in a new Small Fit option for ladies; Adjustable for friends and family; Travel adjustable for inflatable back packs or to fit in luggage; All handcrafted in Sultan, WA for superior craftsmanship.




bote small



Jackknife Handboard


Price: $100


Description: Throw the Jackknife Handboard in your backpack, truck, suitcase, or on your bike. You'll be ready for that impromptu session where ever you may be.





supPOCKET with FREE Dry Bag Combo (Supconnect Exclusive)


Price: $49.95


Description: You no longer have to worry about where to store your water bottle, keys, flip-flops (you name it)  as The supPOCKET will keep your items securely on your sup board. PLUS, Supconnect and The supPOCKET have joined forces to offer you a FREE Dry Bag with every supPOCKET ordered. Use code 'drybagpromo'. Learn more.







Men's Blade Quantam Foam 2mm Neoprene John


Price: $151


Description: The SUPreme Blade is our most traditional design for SUP activities that provides core body thermal benefits in moderate and cold water conditions. This windproof garment will provide the durability and comfort required as a base layer or alone as primary coverage.






Women's Catch Jacket


Price: $110


Description: The Catch Jacket is 100% breathable Platinum Polyolefin construction and even has a cell phone pocket with internal elastic key retention loop!







minimod small



Boardworks Mini Mod


Description: Mini Mods are designed to be performance surf SUPs but are also a good choice for smaller paddlers looking for a light-weight recreational paddleboard with ample stability. The Mini Mod was designed to excel in playful sized surf much like many of the popular alternative surfboards on the market today.

eradicator small




Boardworks Eradicator


Description: Designed to excel in a variety of conditions from flatwater to ocean races, in and out of the surf, glassy or choppy water.





BOTE 12" HD Classic


Price: $1749


Description: It's all about the lifestyle and the 12' HD embodies it, the board that redefined what SUP should be. Loaded with accessories and a killer unique wood veneer that is sure to wow anybody.




BOTE 10'5" HD Native


Price: $1549


Description: The little brother of the 12' HD, go paddling, fishing, or exploring. The only difference from the BOTE 12' HD is the smaller size.

bullet12.6 small


SIC Maui Bullet 12.6


Price: $1699


Description: The Bullet-12 has taken on its own identity in the world of SUP. Bred from open-ocean racers, this smaller, more maneuverable version has quickly become known as the most versatile board on the market. The Bullet-12 can be whatever you need it to be flat-water fitness, surf, open ocean gliding, simply touring around, this board does it all.


airglide11 small


SIC Maui Recon Air-Glide 11.4


Price: $1249

Description: Bring the family. This board is big enough for most any rider or family of 4. It's very stable and can handle rough water with ease. It also has a nice glide when you're up for a workout. A great family board to teach first timers, or throw a few kids on it and have a fun day at any beach and not worry about fixing the dings.



kidspro small



Starboard Kid Pro


Description: This shape will allow kids to evolve into high performance surfers. Best suited for beginners up to 35kg, intermediate kids up to 55kg, and for advanced riders 55kg and up.

avanti small



Starboard Avanti


Description: “The board for everybody: the whole family at once (including the dog).” Even more so than before, the new Avanti is the ultimate big boy’s board for getting out into the waves with easier fun to be had.

odysseus small



Naish Odysseus


Description: Designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves, it features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail for phenomenal stability.

allaround small



Mistral 11'5 Allround Adventure iSUP


Price: $1199 Mistral Holiday Sale Price: $799 (33% OFF!) with FREE SHIPPING.


Description: The Mistral 11'5" Allround Adventure is one of the best selling iSUPs in the Mistral 2014 line up with it's super stable design and ultra durable construction! Seasoned paddlers will also enjoy the 11'5" Allround Adventure because it produces tons of effortless glide with its high volume and parallel outline. Comes standard with hi pressure pump, technical back pack and repair kit.


sesh small



Glide Sesh


Price: $1099


Description: The Sesh is our Park and Play Board. Throw it in the back of your car, get out and shred. This high performance board will take your river surfing to the next level. Be careful, it is addictive. And be prepared to share, because everyone will want a turn.

ace small



BIC SUP 11' Ace-Tec Cross


Description: The 11’ CROSS is the most stable, user-friendly board in our range, making SUP a breeze for riders up to 300lbs | 135kg. It’s been optimized for family use, fishing and is an incredibly stable yoga/fitness platform.

lotus small



Pau Hana Lotus 10' Yoga


Description: The Pau Hana Lotus features the first ever full length interchangeable yoga pad on a stand up paddle board, as well as the Pau Hana Seamount system for attaching accessories to the board.

crossbreed small



Slingshot 11" Crossbreed Inflatable SUP


Price: With bag and pump on Sale for $999.99


Description: Any paddler who wants the convenience of an inflatable and to have fun on the water. From those learning how to paddle, to those at a more intermediate level.


Make sure to head to your local retailer to find all these gifts and more during this holiday season! 







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