BIC SUP Tracer Review

Community Assistant Alex Mauer gives us the breakdown of the BIC SUP Tracer:

The BIC SUP Tracer is a great addition to anyone's quiver. It has superior performance and handles great in all conditions. Whether you are a recreational paddler looking to increase your speed. Or a racer looking to increase your performance. The Tracer is what you are looking for.

I was surprised with the stability of the Tracer, once I got it on the water. Getting the Tracer in the wind was the true test. Incredibly stable and tracked very well in the chop. I was also able to do yoga on the board with ease. Check out this picture of tree pose to get a good idea of how stable this board really is...



From what I experienced, this board is fast. At a certain point it all comes down to paddle technique. Once that is dialed in, I believe this board can help take you speed to a new level, with a superior hull design and tail shape. I am so stoked to get this board into a few races. Who knows I may end up racing it down river a few times as well!




Last modified onMonday, 23 March 2015 14:59

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