SupConnect Interview with Shane Perrin


Stand Up Guy - The Documentary from Duncan Wilder on Vimeo.

SAN DIEGO, California - Last year SupConnect launched the New Webisode Series, SUP Tips From Top Paddlers.  So far we've highlighted guests such as Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell and Danny Ching.  One of the lastest episodes that just came out was an interview conducted with Stand Up Paddle Extreme Racer Shane Perrin. 

Recently Shane has been in SupConnect news because he is raising money for a 400+ mile ocean expedition, and to promote organ and tissue donation.  Thankfully Shane already hit his first goal of $2400 in the first week of his fundraiser which means that everything donated from there on forward will go towards purchasing SUP's and gear for people on dialysis or who have just received an organ or tissue donation. 

But why is Shane so interested in helping people who need organ and tissue transplants?  Because he himself is alive because of one.  All the details were shared in a September 2012 interview conducted by SupConnect founder Andre Niemeyer who was able to hear from Shane himself about his incredible journey from... should have been dead, to paddling in extreme SUP races all over the world.

Click play above to hear the 10 minute SupConnect interview from last fall and or click on the video to the right to watch a documentary from Shane Perrin's first Ultra race in 2011.

To see more SupConnect interviews with top athletes visit the SupConnect Youtube Channel.


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