Super SUP Adventures from Argentina with Facundo

Argentinean waterman, Facundo Martin Diaz, set a new global record, and has more challenges to perform.


Facundo Martin Diaz completing the first in a series of SUP challenges.





BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – On August 20th, Facundo Martin Diaz, Mistral SUP's Argentinean team rider, set off to begin a series of difficult physical challenges which are being filmed and recorded for a unique Stand Up Paddle documentary.  


In order to do this, an experienced team was brought together and included Marcus Behrendt, Lucas Correa, Federico Ezcurra, Ramiro Mordcovich and Dario Rojo. ·They trained for several months to make sure that all the support and security framework for the series of adventures would be ready and in place.


The first challenge has just recently been completed and took place in some amazing South American scenery and involved using M1 Mistral’s Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) series. The goal was to paddle a course on the dangerous Rio de la Plata River, the widest river in the World,  that would draw a line from Argentina to Uruguay and therefore link both countries.


Despite changes in the weather conditions that were unforeseen by the original plan the team set out to accomplish their first goal.  This added risk to the Diaz’s life, primarily because of high wind speeds that reached 25 knots/hr but also because of the strength in the river's current. In fact, Diaz actually lost his entire board at one point in time and went astray floating in the water while signaling with his paddle for 40 minutes until the security team vessel was able to find and assist him.


After being recovered by the team, Diaz realized that he had already physically gone beyond his scheduled enhanced challenge but decided to continue the journey and strive to reach the Uruguayan coast of Colonia Sacramento.  Fortunately the goal was achieved but only after putting in over 8 hours of straight paddling.


The next challenges will consist of rafting 25 miles of Iguazu Falls, crossing the whale’s path in the Southern Atlantic Ocean to reach Argentina’s Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pyramides and finally to cross the Antarctic's continental ice.


Stay tuned to watch these events as it is expected that the first part of this documentary series will be launched in mid October 2012!


About the Athlete - Facundo Martin Diaz:

Facundo is a "free surfer," lover of nature and of extreme sports. He is considered one of the Stand-up Paddler pioneers in South America. He was also a member of the Argentinean national team in the last World Stand-up Paddle and Paddleoard Championships in Peru, obtaining the 6th position for Argentina.


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