38 Days Afloat: A Trip Through Sweden

Erik Sander, who paddled almost the entire length of Sweden over the summer has released the first episode from the production that Visit Sweden made from his SUP adventure this summer. Check it out!

Florida Retiree Completes 140-Mile Everglades Expedition

Most people celebrate retirement by taking a nice relaxing vacation and throwing a party with family and friends. For 58-year-old Mitch Lagowski, adventure was on the mind, and that he did. Upon his retirement, Mitch planned and completed a 140-mile expedition from Marco Island to Islamorada through the Florida Everglades, solo and unsupported. We caught up with Mitch to chat about his trip, check out our convo below.

Yellowstone Lake: The Caldron of the Sleeping Giant

“You’re going to do what?” Said the National Park Ranger in Yellowstone after I had just told him of my objective to circumnavigate Yellowstone Lake on a standup paddleboard. Right when he said that with raised eyebrows, my peripheries caught the other two rangers attention enough for them to turn around, distracted by what they were doing, to see exactly what I was.

Watch: Viking on Tour: Chicama, Peru

Lucky for us, Casper documented his trip to Chicama as part of his vlog series, Viking on Tour, so sit back, relax and live vicariously through the Danish Viking as he takes us along what most of us would consider a dream trip.

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