"Inspired to Ride: La Ruta Maya" Movie Trailer Release





LA RUTA MAYA, Belize - One man attempting to travel 179 miles, in four days, on a stand up paddle board, alone, equals an absolutely incredible story!  But why do this, and what was the motivation?

Several years ago Shane Perrin required some serious help.  He suffers from a hereditary disease known as Berger's, which makes it difficult for the kidneys to function properly and can sometimes even result in kidney failure.  After spending a year on dialysis, Shane's mom came to the rescue when he received one of her kidneys allowing him to regain strength and new life.  This year Shane decided to celebrate the continuation of his health in a very bold way. 

After receiving a call from Todd Caranto of Pau Hana Surf Supply, who told him about an incredible event in Belize, Shane decided to honor his 10 year anniversary and second chance at life by taking on the challenge of becoming the first ever solo paddler in what is traditionally a 3 man canoe race called La Ruta Maya.  This four day race, which has been occurring for 15 years, follows ancient Mayan trade routes and is 179 miles long with many obstacles and challenges along the way.   However, Shane would not only attempt to do it alone, but also try to become the first person to ever compete on a stand up paddle board.

While many thought Shane was flat out crazy and questioned his endurance, he was determined to get the job done no matter how hard the fight.  But what was the end result? Did he make it?  Watch a sneak peek of all the action in the trailer above and keep an eye out for the full movie by Jacob Albrecht and Pau Hana Surf Supply which should come out in the late summer or early fall of 2012.  Get ready to be truly inspired and emotionally moved because calling him a "strong man" is simply an understatement!


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