How To Catch A Wave On Your SUP

Learn how to catch a wave on your SUP with help from Sean Poynter! | Photo: Ben Thouard Learn how to catch a wave on your SUP with help from Sean Poynter! | Photo: Ben Thouard

SAN DIEGO, California - So you've mastered the basics and you're ready to catch yourself a wave. SUP Surf master Sean Poynter gives us the know-how on how to catch a wave on our SUPs. See his tips below.

Need to know:


1. Where the waves are breaking

Try to find the first sign of whitewater and that will help to guide you to where the wave is breaking

2. Sit On Outside of where wave is breaking

Place yourself approax 10-50 feet on the outside of where the waves are breaking so that you can allow yourself enough time to generate speed to get into the wave.

3. Watch for waves on the horizon

Keep an eye out for approaching sets by looking out on the horizon.

Tip: Look for a dark line within the water just outside of you. This means this is an oncoming wave and is generally a different color from the rest of the ocean.

4. Paddle perpendicular to the wave to catch it.

When paddling for the wave, make sure you paddle perpendicular to the wave in order to catch it. Use a stagger-stance when paddling into the wave to help keep your balance.

sean poynter how to catch a wavePaddle perpendicular of the wave behind you.

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5. Keep knees bent.

Continue to bend your knees with your weight forward towards front of board. This will help you glide into the wave.

Tip: Bend forward at the waist to shift weight forward.

6. Shift feet into surf stance.

Catching the wave.. Once you catch the wave, shift your feet into complete surf stance. Keep your knees bent to maintain stability.

sean poynter how to catch a wave 4 sean poynter how to catch a wave 1

Keep your knees bent and once into the wave, shift your feet into surf-stance.

Tip: Hold your paddle in front of you and back towards the tail of board, hovering just above the water. This will center and balance you, and if you fall forward you can catch yourself with planting the paddle on the water.

Enjoy the ride.

See Sean's full tutorial in the video below. To see more SUP surfing tips from Sean, click here.

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Sean Poynter

San Diego, California - Sean Poynter is one of the world’s best stand up paddle surfers. Sean comes from a traditional surfing background where he was easily able to make the transition to SUP surfing and became one of the pioneers for progressing SUP surfing to the level that it’s at today. Sean proves SUP can be taken beyond flat water and into the waves for electrifying surfing performances.

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