The SUP Yoga Synthesis

Stand up paddling + yoga = SUP Yoga. This niche in the SUP world has caught fire, fueled by the exceptional workout it provides and the meditative qualities of being on the water. Read more and look for our weekly SUP Yoga poses to try out for yourself.

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SUP Fitness With Nikki Gregg

Nikki Gregg, fitness professional and elite SUP competitor, shows us how to safely and effectively transform our bodies and reap the health benefits of stand up paddling while having fun in her Stand Up Paddle Fitness video.

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FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag

FCS introduces a day-use bag, specifically designed for stand up paddleboards. A center handle on the middle of the bag solves much of the difficulty in carrying and handling your stand up paddleboard, whether it be a surfing, cross-over, or other types of sup boards.

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10'6" All-Around Wide by PSH

The All-Around Wide stand up paddle board by PSH is a great fit for someone looking for a bit more stability but who also wants to take it to the surf and have some fun. The added stability makes touring more comfortable and the strong construction can take its fair amount of beating.

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ET SUP Program: Strength and Reach

HOOD RIVER, Oregon – It takes time to improve the strength-endurance needed for longer paddle sessions, but one thing you can change almost immediately is your technique.

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