Could Caffeine Boost Your SUP Performance?

Photo Courtesy: Starboard / Georgia Schofield Photo Courtesy: Starboard / Georgia Schofield

Did you start today with a cup of coffee? Most of us already enjoy a daily cup of Joe, with around 64 percent of Americans drinking at least one cup of coffee each day. But while Americans may drink the most coffee in the world, coffee can be much more than just part of your morning routine. Caffeine could actually boost your workout and improve your SUP performance and has become a favorite exercise partner for many athletes around the world.

Effective Pre-Workout Drink

It might come as a surprise, but the high levels of caffeine in a cup of coffee are shown to significantly improve our capacity to burn fat during exercising, making caffeine an effective pre-workout drink. The ultimate stimulant effect of coffee happens around 30 to 60 minutes after drinking. Once caffeine enters the bloodstream, our body begins to respond in several ways. Our blood pressure and heart rate rises, the body begins to break down fat stores and releases fatty acids into our bloodstream. As a result, we begin to feel more energetic and ready for a SUP session.

caffeine boost sup performance

Caffeine Improves Concentration During Paddling

Your humble cup of coffee contains a healthy combination of nutrients that are great for your body, caffeine has been found to improve mental focus, it is a natural stimulant shown to stimulate the central nervous system and improves our brain function. Caffeine has a positive impact on the areas of the brain responsible for memory and concentration. When your thinking is sharp, you will have a much more effective and satisfying paddling session.

Coffee Reduces Muscle Pain

Exercising can often cause painful lactic acid build-up when the muscle becomes stressed. If that often causes you to give up during a workout or SUP session then drinking a cup of coffee before you start could make a big difference. Caffeine can actually help to reduce this muscle pain caused by exercise. Research published by the University of Illinois found that those people who consumed caffeinated coffee experienced much less muscle soreness during exercising and afterward. Drinking two cups of coffee can actually reduce post-workout muscle soreness by almost 50 percent and lessen the amount of time needed for muscle recovery.

caffeine boost sup performance john carterPhoto Courtesy: Starboard / John Carter

If you are looking for a way to boost your SUP performance, enhance your focus and help your body recover, then you cannot go far wrong with a simple cup of coffee.

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