Stand Up Paddle Yoga - Corpse Pose

written by Lauren Peterson

SUP Yoga expert Lauren Peterson of Namaste SUP teaches us the 'Purvottanasana' or 'Upward Plank Pose'. Follow along below and give it a try this weekend on your stand up paddleboard.


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Name of Pose: Savasana / Corpse Pose

Difficulty Level: Easy

Body Points: Relaxes the whole body at the end of yoga practice.

Benefits: This posture rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit while reducing stress and tension. Provides mental and physical relief at the end of a yoga practice.


  • Stand_Up_Paddle_Yoga_-_Corpse_Pose

    Lie supine on the board with arms at the side, space between the body and arms, palms facing up, with legs slightly wider then hips and feet just relaxing to either side.
  • Close the eyes and wiggle the jaw back and forth a few times before coming into the fullness of the posture to release any stress or tension you might be holding.
  • With the eyes closed, relax the head and face, shoulders away from the ears, upper arms, and forearms, and all ten fingers relaxed.
  • Allow the stomach to rise and fall effortlessly with your own relaxing breathe in and out through the nostrils.
  • Allow the pelvis to get heavy with no muscles tension in the upper or lower legs so that the legs just fall to either side and all ten toes relax.
  • Try not to let any thoughts enter your mind, if you do have to think about something just focus on your breathe.
  • Count the slow inhales and exhales, allowing you to anchor on the present and relax the mind.
  • Sometimes the easiest posture can be the hardest one, allow the whole body to melt into your board as you drift on the water.

The Corpse Pose is a great way to cool down and relax after a strenuous SUP Yoga session. It should last somewhere between five to fifteen minutes.



About Lauren Peterson
Lauren has an associate’s degree in Dance Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Dance and a master’s degree in Physical Education. She is a certified Purna Yoga Instructor from Byron Yoga Centre, Australia.

After falling in love with stand up paddling in 2008, Lauren created Namaste SUP, a sup yoga community for the student, teacher and anyone who loves stand up paddling and yoga. When talking about her involvement within the SUP and Yoga communities, Lauren says, “I love to inspire and motivate individuals to live long and healthy lives through yoga, dance, physical education and stand up paddling.”

For more information on Lauren and Namaste SUP, check out the Namaste SUP Facebook page. Lauren also just launched a new website so go check that out as well at www.namastesup.com.


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