SUPilates - Leg Pull Front Support

written by Karen Mirlenbrink

SUP Exercise expert Karen Mirlenbrink of SUPilates teaches us the 'Leg Pull Front Support' exercise. Follow along below and give it a try this weekend on your stand up paddleboard.


Karen shows us the correct way to perform the Leg Pull Front Support exercise on her stand up paddleboard.


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Name of Exercise: Leg Pull Front Support

Difficulty Level: Medium

Body Points: Abdominals, shoulder girdle stabilizers and hip extensors.


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    Begin in an all-fours position with your shoulders relaxed and elbows soft.
  • Inhale to prepare and as you exhale engage the abdominals and press through the balls of your feet.
  • Extend your legs and shift your weight onto your hands.
  • You should now be in a plank position with your shoulders directly over your hands.
  • Keeping your spine in a long, supported position, inhale once again and, on the exhale, lift one leg from the stand up paddleboard.
  • As you extend your leg from the hip your hip will lift slightly. The challenge is to keep the rest of your body stable in the plank position. This requires extra work from your abdominals, shoulders, and back.
  • On the next inhale, point the lifted foot and the grounded foot. This will cause you to rock forward more onto your hands.
  • Exhale, and flex both feet, so that you rock backward into the supporting foot's heel.
  • Repeat 3 times then change sides.



About Karen Mirlenbrink

Karen Mirlenbrink is an avid water woman and owner of the Dunedin Pilates Studio in Dunedin, FL. Karen is a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Wellcoach and a Master Trainer for the Pilates Academy International. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida, and has been working in the fitness field for over 10 years.

Karen's paddling background includes years of experience in Surfski, Outrigger Canoe, and SUP. She has created a program called SUPilates, that aims at teaching fitness and paddling professionals how to bring mind-body fitness classes to the stand up paddleboard. Karen is thrilled to combine her two passions, and bring her enthusiasm for paddling to the fitness industry.

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