Surftech B-1 Stand Up Paddleboard

Surftech has once again raised the bar in board construction with the introduction of the B-1 Bomber, a nearly indestructible stand up paddleboard built to take a beating in whitewater, flatwater or surf sessions.

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Stand Up Paddle Expedition with Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite takes a much-needed break to talk about his journey so far and what it means to stand up paddle every day on one the world's most iconic rivers, the Mississippi. Read about his daily routine and his record-setting day of 77.2 miles.

Alex Linnell - First to Stand Up Paddle the Mississippi

After paddling for 70 days, from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, Alex Linnell has become the first person to stand up paddle the entire length of the Mississippi River. Let that sink in for a second then read on for an interview with Alex and his family.

The Boardroom - Badfish SUP MVP

Suit up in your best three-piece neoprene and tie that leash into a Double Windsor, it's time to step into The Boardroom. This week, Mike Harvey from Badfish SUP runs us through the Mountain Valley Paddleboard (MVP).

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SUP River Ferry with Nikki Gregg


Why did the stand up paddle board cross the river? Not sure why, but Nikki Gregg can tell us how in this instructional video showing us the proper and safe technique to use when ferrying a SUP across the river.

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Boardworks Sponsors Whitewater SUP Event

Slater Trout and Nikki Gregg win the Boardworks sponsored H2O Overdrive Weber River SUP cross, the first whitewater Stand Up Paddle event of its kind in Utah, giving the name “Show Up and Blow Up” a whole new meaning.

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Alex Linnell Breaks SUP Distance Record

Alex Linnell is breaking records and taking names. On July 29th he logged mile 1,809, making his SUP journey the longest yet. Read more and support Alex as he makes his way to the Gulf.

Paddle Boarding The Netherlands

With all the water it has to offer, the Netherlands is a stand up paddlers dream and with blossoming tulip fields, stout windmills and wandering waterways, every glance is a frame-ready photograph.

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Alex Linnell SUP-PORTING the Mississippi

One SUP, one paddle, one Mississippi River, one mission to be the first. Alex Linnell is enroute to the Gulf of Mexico and to setting the SUP distance record. Follow him as he paddles down the iconic, beautiful and sometimes-dangerous Mississippi River.

Mississippi SUP Expedition - UPDATE

Dave Cornthwaite checks in with SUP Connect and while taking a much needed break from his daily paddle, he sits down to answer some questions about his journey.

Mississippi SUP Expedition 2011

The word adventure is thrown around a lot. Most of the time it is an overstatement but sometimes, as in Dave Cornthwaite’s case, it is perhaps the most appropriate word to use.

Paddle Boarding Austin, Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas… there's a Stand Up Paddler's paradise.· Austin has been the capital of Texas for over 100 years, and the "Live Music Capitol" for as long as most can remember.· In the last three years Austin has also become the SUP capital of Texas.

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