Ten Things to Know About ISA SUP and Paddleboard

The first edition of the ISA World StandUp Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship will take place February 19-25, 2012 on the beaches of Miraflores, Lima, Peru - home to the famous Waikiki Surf Club and the cradle of modern Peruvian surfing.

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10 SUP Mistakes Made by Rookies

Because Stand up Paddle is such a new sport and growing like wildfire, there are many new faces to the scene each and every day. While this is completely fantastic and very exciting, it does open the door to many rookie mistakes.

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Arnaud Frennet Crosses the Straits of Magellan

Last Friday, December 10th, Arnaud Frennet has crossed the Strait of Magellan in SUP as part of the “MallSport Magellan Expedition”, a Stand Up Paddle trip to the most Southern region of the world. It was the very first time the mythical Strait was ever crossed in SUP and for Arnaud it concluded a project that had begun 3 years before.

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Shark Attack on Surfer Brings Paddleboarder to Rescue

A woman about 30 years-old was surfing The Cove, a popular surf spot in Seaside, Oregon, when an alleged shark took a bite of her and her board. Moments later, a stand up paddle boarder came to her rescue by putting the surfer on his board and paddling ashore.

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Boardworks Raven Wins Men's Journal Gear of the Year Award


The stand up paddle board industry had one big victory by having a stand up paddle board included in this Year's Men's Journal Best Gear of the Year List. And Boardworks, the company whose board was selected, has all the more to celebrate. See the whole list and which board was selected for that premium spot.

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Paddle Boarding Bay of Bengal, India

Quick, what country has the third largest standing army in the world? Nope, definitely not Tonga. The correct answer is India and the even more correct answer is stand up paddle in India. Wait, what was the question again?

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The Best Stand Up Paddle Photos Battle in Final Round

After two rounds of voting, the finalists in the SUP Photo of the Year Contest have been decided. The audience has spoken and the best of the best stand up paddle photos remain standing. Choose the winner now!

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Paddle Boarding East Hampton, Long Island

Tired of the hustle of the Big Apple? Take a ride out to East Hampton, located on the scenic shores of Long Island, for a leisurely stand up paddle session or a more challenging downwind run.

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