NEXT National SUP Day Combats Cystic Fibrosis


Mickey Munoz & Dave Kalama are also ambassadors to Pipeline for a Cure which benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.



Next National SUP Day will be June 10, 2012


Dave Kalama and Suzanne Yeo (right) at the NAC.

NEWPORT BEACH, California - June 10th, 2012 will be a very fun and celebratory time as stand up paddlers join together in 6 locations across the United States. ·Together they will celebrate stand up paddle boarding with NEXT National SUP Day and bring awareness to some very specific health benefits that SUP provides to children affected by cystic fibrosis. ·But what are the benefits and how does SUP come in to play with cystic fibrosis?


For those who are not familiar with cystic fibrosis, it is a deadly and inherited disease that compromises a persons lungs and their ability to digest food.  There are about 70,000 young adults and children affected world wide and they typically do not live much past 35 years of age.  However, it has been discovered by doctors in Australia, that inhaling saltwater mist has a powerful effect on re hydrating the lining of a persons lungs, which allows cystic fibrosis patients to better eliminate bacteria-contaminated mucus and can really assist the patients to be more healthy.  This is where SUP comes into play!


About a year ago while attending a SUP event at the Newport Aquatic Center in Southern California, a small group of paddlers shared a discussion about the relationship between a company by the name of NEXT and Cystic Fibrosis.  Chris Lohman, the Vice President of marketing and community relations for NEXT, was on hand and was able to explain that NEXT is a company that makes active wear and swimwear for women, but because of their interest in the water and outdoors, the company had discovered and been inspired to sponsor a surf event called the Pipeline to a Cure.  This then led to more conversation about the fact that the Pipeline to a Cure was created by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation specifically to get the word out about the benefits from inhaling salt water mist for cystic fibrosis patients.  It was then and there that National SUP Day was conceptualized and born.  Almost immediately, those who were a part of the Newport aquatic center discussion went to work.  Not only would Pipeline to a Cure raise awareness for cystic fibrosis but now stand up paddle would share NEXT National SUP Day with the world as another event to spread the good news. 


Little by little NEXT National SUP DAY has all come together.  People from across the nation are working to put the finishing touches in place for this coming Sunday.  According to Chris Lohman of NEXT, Suzanne Yeo (a yoga and SUP yoga instructor out of Southern Ca.) is the driving reason behind all the success and has opened up many doors for the event.  He also specifically stated that Suzanne is the "passion and the lifeline" behind NEXT National SUP Day. Sponsors such as Quickblade Paddles, Kaenon Eyewear, Paddle Surf Warehouse and Edge Paddleboards are very involved.  In total there are now 6 events happening across the USA.  They are in Newport Beach, California | Orlando, Florida | Chicago, Illinois | Austin, Texas | Upstate, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There will be introductory clinics to SUP, elite athletes spending time with families and kids (especially children with cystic fibrosis) , SUP yoga clinics and plenty of free time to try a board and have fun.


So remember, find the event closest to you, help support and raise awareness about the benefits of SUP to cystic fibrosis patients and have some fantastic paddle time with great and caring people. 


More information on NEXT National SUP Day and Cystic Fibrosis can be found here:








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