Jim Weir Goes Off the Beaten Track In Indonesia

SAN DIEGO, California - When it comes to travel destinations, Indonesia is right at the top of almost every list. To find out more about SUP surfing in Indonesia, we spoke with ULI's inventor/founder, Jim Weir, who just returned from a month on Indo's wild side.

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Zane Schweitzer Wins Gold in Abu Dhabi Style


Zane Schweitzer is a man on a mission this year on the Stand Up World Tour.  By posting score after score in the 9 point range and even a 10 at the Abu Dhabi All Stars, he took home the overall win!

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Paddle Boarding Tidal Bore, Sumatra, Indonesia

It was only 1 year ago that I returned from my first visit to Teluk Meranti where, together with a few friends, I went to Surf the Bono, a tidal bore wave on the Kampar river in Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Starboard Reunion Race Tour 2012

Part 2 of The Starboard Race Tour 2012 took place on Reunion Island last month in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar and has·a beautiful view of the higher mountain, “le piton des neiges”. ·The race brought both natives and tourists to view and enjoy the event.

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Paddle Boarding Okinawa, Japan


Okinawa, Japan is Lucky # 13!  "Supthe World" is a travel website catering to Standup Paddlers of all ages and skill levels who would like a SUP-centric vacation. Just recently they officially added the tropical island of Okinawa, Japan to their destinations list!

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Paddle Boarding La Réunion, Indian Ocean

Réunion has so many of those hidden & wild spots...waterfalls are countless here...It feels like a decor from the Avatar movie...Huge lakes at the very bottom of a stone throat with very stiff cliffs and water falls roaring 100 meter high! The adventure lasted 3 weeks.

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First Round Hong Kong Island by SUP

On Thu May 24th, Kevin Horgan a long distance Stand Up Paddler from Kauai, managed to complete the first circumnavigation of Hong Kong Island on a Starboard 14' Coast Runner, a distance of around 44km or 27.3miles in 8 hours and 7mins. Kevin left Shek O Main Beach at 7.53am and arrived back at 4.00pm. 

Paddling for Life in the Ganges River, India

A few months ago, Terry Plunkett, an avid stand up paddler from Southern California, was standing in the parking lot at the San Onofre State Beach Park in San Diego with an unmistakable awe-struck expression, just a few minutes after talking to Michele Baldwin. Here is what Plunkett heard.

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Paddle Boarding Bay of Bengal, India

Quick, what country has the third largest standing army in the world? Nope, definitely not Tonga. The correct answer is India and the even more correct answer is stand up paddle in India. Wait, what was the question again?

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Paddle Boarding Shipwrecks, Indonesia

Karina Figl flees the cold winter waters of Cape Town for the tropical warmth of Indonesian breaks. Read about her stand up paddleboard surf sessions in Indo.

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Paddle Boarding Abu Dhabi

Sitting on an island surrounded by water with near perfect temperatures nine months of the year, it's only natural that people would see Abu Dhabi as an excellent place to stand up paddle (sup).

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Paddle Boarding Bali, Indonesia

An Island sitting in the Indian Ocean eight degrees south of the Equator, resting on the western fringes of the ring of fire, with perfect waves and conveniently placed reef channels, this is where I call home, Bali, also known as the ‘Island of the gods’ and more recently as ‘Stand Up Heaven.’

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