The People’s Choice Awards Are Back! | Supconnect Polls 2016 Launching November 1

SAN DIEGO, California - Now that the Supconnect Awards have been wrapped it's time to bring back a fan favorite, the 2016 Supconnect Polls -- the People's Choice Awards, where you, the consumer, the fan, the people who make this sport so awesome, can decide who your favorite athletes are, where the best SUP destination is, what the best video from the year was and more! You nominate, you vote, and YOU DECIDE!

The Supconnect Polls differ from the Editor's Choice Awards in a few different ways:


The Supconnect Polls are decided by you, the People! It is votes and only votes that determine the winner of these awards.

2. YOU nominate!

Anyone can nominate themselves or their friends or whoever to win leaving no deserving person a chance to be left on the sidelines.

3. Categories.

The Supconnect People's Choice Awards will have a completely different set of categories than those of the Editor's Choice Awards.

The People's Choice Awards will include the following Categories:

  • Paddler of the Year
  • SUP Video of the Year
  • SUP Event of the Year
  • SUP Destination of the Year
  • and MORE!

So, with these categories in mind, think of your favorites and prepare to nominate and vote starting November 1, 2016.

To see more news on the Supconnect Polls, click HERE.

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