Carrie Underwood Stand Up Paddle Boarding

 SAN DIEGO, California - Grammy Award winning country singer, Carrie Underwood, can add one more winning quality to her public portfolio - she SUP's. That's a big one in our eyes. The former American Idol was spotted stand up paddle boarding in Canada by our favorite gossip rag, The Daily Mail (otherwise known as that online newspaper we read when waiting at the dentist's office, the DMV, standing in grocery store lines or otherwise trying desperately to kill time). It's funny how different people pick up different things from a photo. Some folks just want to know if she's preggos, losing weight or looking desperately happy/unhappy. We were checking out what she was riding - which appears to be a BIC SUP, if we're not mistaken.


Anyhow, it's not cutting edge journalism or news that will change your life, but there are two takeaways from this article - celebrities know a good thing when they see it (i.e. stand up paddle boarding) and no matter how famous a country singer gets, Coors Light is still their beer of choice.







Last modified onFriday, 23 January 2015 16:18

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