2015 Payette River Games TV Broadcast

13-year old Miles Harvey and Noah Hopper needed a race off to decide the juniors Champ. | Photo Courtesy: Werner Paddles 13-year old Miles Harvey and Noah Hopper needed a race off to decide the juniors Champ. | Photo Courtesy: Werner Paddles

CASCADE, Idaho - In case you missed the television broadcast of the 2015 Payette River Games you're in luck because we've got the video broadcast here for you! Watch this full replay of the Payette River Games TV broadcast that aired on CBS Sports Network. Oh and pencil in next year's event on your race calendars: June 17-19, 2016 in beautiful Cascade, Idaho. Thanks for watching PRG15 and we hope to see you at PRG16!

Note: Please skip through the blacked out sections – this is where the ads appeared on the broadcast – each black-out lasts approximately 20 seconds

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See the final results below.


Men’s Champion:

Mo Freitas (40 points)
Runner-up: Dane Jackson (33) (Pau Hana)
3rd: Zane Schweitzer (31) (Starboard, FCS SUP)
4th: Sean Poynter (31) (Starboard, FCS SUP)
5th: Eric Giddens (29)
6th: Slater Trout (29) (Boardworks, FCS SUP)
7th: Bernd Roediger (27)
8th: Masayuki ‘Yacu’ Takahata (26)
9th: Toby Cracknell (25)
=10th: Giorgio Gomez (24) (Starboard)
=10th: Fernando Stalla (24) (Rogue)
12th: Noa Ginella (17) (Naish)
13th: Mike Tavares (16) (Boardworks, FCS SUP)
14th: Spencer Lacy (16)
15th: Luke Hopkins (13)
16th: Chuck Glynn (12)
17th: Mike Harvey (7)
18th: Bradley Hilton (5) (Boardworks)
19th: Kelly Margetts (4)
20th: Peter Bartl (4)

Women’s Champion:

Rebecca Giddens (40 points)
Runner-up: Fiona Wylde (37) (Starboard, Werner Paddles)
3rd: Izzi Gomez (34) (Starboard)
4th: Annabel Anderson (32) (Lahui Kai, SUP Think Tank)
5th: Sage Donnelly (32)
6th: Candice Appleby (28) (Infinity, Bark)
7th: Mariko Strickland Lum (27) (Naish)
8th: Shakira Westdorp (25) (Starboard)
9th: Haley Mills (24) (Boardworks)
10th: April Zilg (22)
11th: Haley Mills (22)
11th: Natali Zollinger (20) (Boardworks)
12th: Hannah Hill (20)
13th: Nadia Almuti (17)
14th: Anna Fischer (13)
15th: Jenny MacArthur (13)
16th: Lina Augaitis (9) (SIC Maui, Werner Paddles)
17th: Brittany Parker (9) (Badfish)
18th: Nikki Gregg (9)
19th: Sonni Honscheid (7) (SIC Maui)
20th: Evelyn Trosin (2)


1st: Noa Hopper (34 points) (Laird)
2nd: Miles Harvey (33) (Boardworks)
3rd: Charlie Cindric (31)
4th: Bodhi Harrison (31)
5th: Payton Banks (30)
5th: Jeffery Spencer (28)
7th: Finn Spencer (25)
8th: Madeline Tripp (19)
9th: Marvin Freitas (18)
10th: Isaac Skinner (18)
11th: Ethan Tripp (17)
12th: Alya Brown (13)
13th: McQuade Andrade (8)
14th: Ethan Egbert (7)
15th: Parker Temple (5)

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