Iceland SUP Adventure

In a country as raw and untamed as Iceland the sport of stand up paddling is as foreign as a palm tree. The Blueline Paddlesurf and Paddle Surf Hawaii teams explore Iceland with their boards and have video to prove it.

Fire Paddle 2011

Sometimes people think they are crazy. Why travel half-way around the world to paddle for 24 days? But when Sydney firefighters and SUP lovers Ben Chalmers and Shane Austin tell their story, thoughts of crazy turn to impassioned support for their adventure.

Alex Linnell SUP-PORTING the Mississippi

One SUP, one paddle, one Mississippi River, one mission to be the first. Alex Linnell is enroute to the Gulf of Mexico and to setting the SUP distance record. Follow him as he paddles down the iconic, beautiful and sometimes-dangerous Mississippi River.

Two Men SUP the East Coast

After over 1,800 nautical miles, Mike Simpson and Will Rich have completed a truly epic stand up paddle journey. They have raised awareness and money for two great causes and have introduced the sport of SUP to countless individuals along the way.

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