Amazing Lake Tahoe SUP Video

Lake Tahoe is a magical place that gets under your skin. Once you've been there, you'll go back - or spend your life thinking about it. While photos can't fully do it justice, this incredibly filmed and edited video by goadrift.com comes pretty close.

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Gabriel Gray Paddles For The Flint River, Georgia

Boardworks Team paddler Gabriel Gray, founder of SOAR (Save our American Rivers) Recently completed a journey down the Headwaters of the Flint River in Georgia in order to raise awareness for one of the nations most endangered water ways.

Watch 'Big Muddy Moose' Trailer

Watch the trailer and read more about Scott Mestrezat's documentary 'Big Muddy Moose', which chronicles his SUP journey down the Missouri, from Montana to St. Louis.

Scott Mestrezat Currently Paddling the Entire Missouri

Recently a young and ambitious 27 year old by the name of Scott Mestrezat decided to take on an extremely new and somewhat crazy adventure!··He decided to journey along the entire 2,400 miles of the Missouri River on his stand up paddleboard he built himself.

Timson to Paddle 101 Mile Non-Stop Solo SUP

Spencer Timson will travel 101 miles on a non-stop, solo, stand up paddle trip from the Isle of Mull on the West Coast of Scotland up through the Caledonian Canal to the Moray Firth on the East Coast of Scotland. Find out why...

"Inspired to Ride: La Ruta Maya" Movie Trailer Release

One man attempting to travel 179 miles, in four days, on a stand up paddle board, alone, equals an absolutely incredible story!  But why do this, and what was the motivation?  Find out more by catching a glimpse of the newly released movie trailer "Inspired To Ride: La Ruta Maya" featuring extreme SUPer Shane Perrin.

Shane Perrin Paddles 170-mile Ancient Mayan Route

Shane Perrin, who was on dialysis just a short while ago, has undertaken one of the most remarkable stand up paddle journeys in the books to date. He paddled 170 miles along an Ancient Mayan Route, from the heart of Belize to the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Paddling for Life in the Ganges River, India

A few months ago, Terry Plunkett, an avid stand up paddler from Southern California, was standing in the parking lot at the San Onofre State Beach Park in San Diego with an unmistakable awe-struck expression, just a few minutes after talking to Michele Baldwin. Here is what Plunkett heard.

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