Scott Mestrezat Currently Paddling the Entire Missouri






MISSOURI RIVER - Recently a young and ambitious 27 year old by the name of Scott Mestrezat decided to take on an extremely new and somewhat crazy adventure! ·He decided to journey along the entire 2,400 miles of the Missouri River on his stand up paddleboard! ·Yes, you read that correctly - 2,400 miles. ·What's even more interesting is that he will travel the distance on a stand up paddle board that he build himself, and if that's not enough, this is his first time ever building a board! ·Watch the video above for details on the construction process. 

"The main purpose of this journey is just to have an adventure and immerse myself in a completely different way of life for a few months. Along the way I will be working to compile video and pictures in order to tell the story in a documentary format when I'm done," shared Mestrezat. 

He continued, "I've been very fortune to have ample opportunity to get outdoors and have all sorts of unique experiences.  Spending time in nature is a great teacher and I want others to have the opportunity.  I have just partnered with a great organization called Big City Mountaineers which raises money to take underprivileged, inner-city youth on wilderness trips that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to do. There is a link on my website where anyone can find more information and make tax-deductible donation to provide the gift of the outdoors to kids."

Mestrezat shared with Supconnect that the first 200 miles of the trip have far exceeded his expectations in every way and that the scenery has been even better while the river and rainstorms have proven to be more powerful than he could have imagined.  The second 200 miles were filled with more current but after that he expects a series of very long and wind blown lakes that every local has warned him about. He will be faced with open water and extremely high wind conditions.

To learn more about the trip and have access to regular updates, visit the Missouri River Sup Blog.  There will be updates by Mestrezat when he can get internet, so stay tuned and ride along with him in spirit as he completes this incredible summer paddle.

Would you ever paddle the entire Missouri River on a stand up paddleboard you built by yourself for the first time?


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