Timson to Paddle 101 Mile Non-Stop Solo SUP

Spencer Timson is preparing for the Charity Coast to Coast Challenge

LEICESTERSHIRE, England - This coming June Spencer Timson from Leicestershire will aim to complete a 101 mile solo, non-stop, stand up paddle trip from the Isle of Mull on the West Coast of Scotland up through the Caledonian Canal to the Moray Firth on the East Coast of Scotland in aid of Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Rainbows hospice for children and young people.

This stand up paddleboard trip is not a run of the mill charity event so what made Spencer choose to do it? Spencer stated, “My instinctive answer is that it is to raise money and awareness for two great charities. I feel very strongly about the issues that Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) highlight and deal with and have been to what will be the finishing line – Chanonry Point a number of times to see the wild dolphins that live around that area. But there is more to this trip than just raising money for charity. If that was the sole reason I could have trained to do a marathon, or even jumped out of a plane - no this was always about something else. I think this is also about setting challenges and making the most of life”.

In his work as a fitness instructor Spencer says he has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people that had set challenges for themselves – some charity, some simply personal to them and it led him to realize that people are capable of a lot more than they initially think. “I truly believe that with the right planning and training anyone can get ready to do something pretty amazing – however it is one thing to talk about this theory and another to actually prove it! This is where the challenge comes in – if I’m going to tell people that they should set big, inspiring goals or chase physically and mentally challenging objectives for themselves, I have to know that what I’m preaching can actually be done,” stated Spencer.

Following this realization, Spencer set about thinking of a way to prove that someone with little or no experience in a given area could go on to do something challenging and achieve something a bit special.  With a bit of research the trip soon began to take shape and the rest is about to become history.

Spencer hopes to raise as much money as possible for the two charities by donations and also in the form of a charity prize draw with the prize being the Red Paddle Co 12’6 race board, Kialoa Toro paddle, Black Project race fin and other equipment he will use on the trip.  He feels this will be a great prize package which he hopes will inspire others to follow in his footsteps. 

To find out more visit Spencer’s Blog or his Virgin Money Giving Page.


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