Shane Perrin Paddles 170-mile Ancient Mayan Route

Shane Perrin paddling in La Ruta Maya River Challenge, covering a distance of 170 miles in a historical year in Mayan culture.

LOS ANGELES, California – Shane Perrin, who was on dialysis just a short while ago, has undertaken one of the most remarkable stand up paddle journeys in the books to date. He paddled 170 miles along an Ancient Mayan Route, from the heart of Belize to the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Known as La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, this annual event had a special significance this year due to the Mayan Calendar prediction about the world coming to an end in 2012.


The Challenge was held from March 9th -12th, included class 2-3 rapids, and had 3 campsites for the paddlers to rest overnight. Perrin’s journey, which was made possible by the support and sponsorship of Pau Hana Surf Supply, had a crew on hand, assisting him along the way and even giving him some training. With absolutely no experience in white water on a paddleboard, the Pau Hana team had Nick Troutman on site to coach Perrin through the new terrain. Troutman, a world champion kayaker, has become an avid stand up paddler and has put in quite a bit of time honing in his white water skills on a paddle board. After a few training runs and a sour leg, Perrin was ready to embark on his journey.


But that wasn’t without a drama or two. The 14’ Pau Hana Crossfit  stand up paddle board did not arrive on time – an often too common reality, especially in such remote areas – and Perrin had to begin his paddle on a 12’6” board, making the first leg of the journey all the more challenging. But with an unwavering commitment and plenty of endurance, he finished the 170-mile journey and made history as the first stand up paddle boarder ever to complete that route.



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 Visit Pau Hana Surf Supply to learn more about the gear use int he Journey

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