The Jobe SUP Philosophy

Jobe has translated its standup paddling philosophy into a mindblowing video. They just released the video called ‘The Jobe SUP philosophy’. With this video they want to approach the novice standup paddler, that’s what this video is made for. Jobe shows that sup is an activity for everyone!

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Why CPD Courses Are Necessary

CPD (Continual Professional Development) may not always be a direct relation to the sport or activity you coach. Just because we are SUP Coaches, we may not choose to undertake another SUP related course. Opening our minds and relating other courses and experiences will often give us a new skill or experience that can be indirectly related to the sport we coach.

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How To Protect Our Beaches & Waterways: The One Piece Plan

If we each make a commitment to pick up one piece of trash every time we hit the shoreline, we can make a tremendous difference. Sometimes, the way we look at something is more important than simply seeing it. Viewpoints impact our perception and actions.

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How Standup Paddling Healed A Broken Life

Matt Crofton was told he had less than 48 hours to live. He had contracted a fatal disease in Costa Rica that would leave him to die. Miraculously, he survived his crazy ordeal and managed to live. One year after his being told he would die, Matt set out on a 2,400 mile SUP journey down the Mississippi River to raise money for the hospital and its workers who worked day and night to help save him.

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Gabriel Gray Paddles For The Flint River, Georgia

Boardworks Team paddler Gabriel Gray, founder of SOAR (Save our American Rivers) Recently completed a journey down the Headwaters of the Flint River in Georgia in order to raise awareness for one of the nations most endangered water ways.

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