Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Inflatable SUP

Do you ever wonder why some inflatable SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboards) seem to last forever while others barely make it through a season? Much like a trusty car that needs regular oil changes, your inflatable SUP thrives on care and attention. 

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Is It Worth Getting An Inflatable Paddle Board?

Inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) are a popular choice for many paddlers, but is it worth getting an inflatable paddle board? When you're getting into SUP, you'll have to decide what type to buy. So, here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether an iSUP is the right choice for you.

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Top Reasons You Need An Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatables are an awesome choice for stand up paddling and even have quite a few advantages over their hard board counterparts. We've teamed up with a few inflatable lovers to get you a list of the Top Reasons of why you must have an inflatable in your SUP quiver.

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Best Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards 2019

After personally paddling, weighing, and thoroughly testing 150+ boards, our expert staff has selected the best inflatable stand up paddle board 2019 models. These are designated by the "A" grade and organized by categories (inflatable, all-around, touring, etc).

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Quick Look: Aqua Marina 2019 Collection

Aqua Marina is an inflatable standup paddle board brand that is redefining affordability for those on a budget. You thought you couldn’t afford a paddle board? Think again.

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Red Paddle Co. Durability Test Results

Red Paddle Co, the world’s most popular inflatable stand up paddleboard brand, has put its most popular inflatable board through “Board Vs.” “Board Vs.” is a series of 10 of the most extreme destruction challenges conducted during the past two weeks that test one inflatable board’s durability and strength.

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Red Paddle Co Leading Innovation In Inflatables

The secret is out and the 2017 Red Paddle Co range has arrived! With a number of new features and innovative designs introduced such as: the new FFC system; re-designed Titan pump; LeverLock handles; FCS fins, redeveloped bag; MSL Fusion and RAM Mounts on every board. Their trusty hard-working team have once again, delivered industry-leading products which continue to make them the World’s leading inflatable SUP brand!

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Red Paddle Co Launches New Designs For 2017

Red Paddle Co is proud to announce the release of its 2017 stand-up paddleboard (SUP) range. Introducing a number of new features, as well as three brand new innovative designs which fall in to the fastest growing categories – racing and touring – the British brand continues to excel in both design and technical specification.

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Inflatable SUP Designer Pushes Price Point & Performance With New Rival Line

Hala Gear, the gold standard in inflatable standup paddleboard design and performance, is hitting this year’s Surf Expo with a slew of new innovations, including its new price-point-friendly Rival line and patent-pending  Hybrid Inflatable Carbon™ Technology that achieves 300% more rigidity than other boards.

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Starboard SUP 2016 Inflatable Touring Range

Maximizing glide and stability, the inflatable Touring stand up paddle boards from Starboard are designed to carry supplies and accessories for all adventures with it's bungee-tie downs, multiple FCS inserts and a paddle holder on the tail. Check them out on this cool sup trip in the incredible settings of Tofino, Canada!

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