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SAN DIEGO, California - Aqua Marina is an inflatable standup paddle board brand that is redefining affordability for those on a budget. You thought you couldn’t afford a paddle board? Think again. Aqua Marina first introduced their all around standup paddle boards a few years ago and have since added racing, touring, fitness and river boards. Now for 2019 they’ve expanded their line even further. Check out a brief look at their 2019 additions below.

Wind SUPs

am 2019 windsup

Aqua Marina has tinkered with crossover products in the past so their new wind SUP crossovers aren’t too much of surprise to see. New for 2019 are the Champion and Blade models, both of which have been especially developed to equally work for both sports and offer an incredible range of fun. See more on these products here


am 2019 supertrip

In 2018 Aqua Marina tested the waters with their first multi-person paddle board, the Mega. Now in 2019, Aqua Marina added another multi-person SUP called the Supertrip. The Supertrip was designed for exploration paddling and is tailored to the needs of two explorers (plus a third small companion with the removal of the central cargo points) who want to carry their kit along with them on their adventure. See more on this product here


am 2019 youth

The Vibrant is a youth-specific board new to Aqua Marina’s lineup for 2019. Aqua Marina’s kids boards are built to the same standards and use the same technology as their larger counterparts, but as they’re shorter, narrower and have lower volume they’re far easier for young riders to maneuver, both in and out of the water. See more on this product here.


am 2019 fishing

The Drift, new for 2019 is a fishing-specific inflatable SUP that is an affordable option. The Drift’s double sided rail design outline offers maximum stability for an ideal paddling and fishing experience. Features include full deck traction pad for comfort, two fishing rod holders, and a removable fish cooler box with high back support. See more on this product here

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