EOGEAR Hydra Chest Harness Review

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Who is it for?

The EOGEAR hydra chest harness is a harness that allows the paddler to carry items with them that might be needed on the water. The harness is very well made and fits comfortably without limiting mobility during the paddle stroke. It has three pockets, a hydration bottle and even has a strap for a GPS device. The mount is adjustable so one size will work for everyone.

First Impressions

The hydra chest harness is beneficial to any paddler looking to carry various items with them on the water. The hydration bottle isn’t very big but the chest harness allows users to easily wear a camel back along with the harness for extra hydration. The harness will allow easy access for an energy gel and bars for long races and adventure paddling. This pack can also be beneficial to anglers to store fishing gear in.


  • Primary Use


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  • Durability


    Durability is largely a result of the board construction and shape, with more durable boards typically carrying more materials (added layers, PVC, etc) and as such adding to the weight.

  • Carrying


    Carrying ease is determined by board weight and handle type, where a board weighing under 20lbs with a Liftsup handle is extremely easy to carry while a 35+lbs board quite difficult.

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Learn more on the Eogear website.

Similar Products

The EOGEAR chest mount is similar to the VestPac hydration pack. Vestpac’s have added hydration worn on the back which the EOAGEAR doesn’t offer. The EOGEAR provides far more superior storage than the VestPac. With the ability to add a camel back to this mount it will offer convenience to paddle without a pack on your back when it is not needed.

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