Experience Surf Company Announces Release of Board Lock SUP Security

Photo courtesy: Experience Surf Company Photo courtesy: Experience Surf Company

ALISO VIEJO, California — Experience Surf Company LLC presents the newest and most versatile board lock on the market.

The Idea

Experience Surf Company LLC is made up of surfers and standup paddle boarders who are obsessed with going in the water, yet needing to go to work or stop at the store before or after surfing! When traveling, a surfer or paddleboarder may find themselves wanting to take a board along, without a way of securing the board when the surfer walks away. Even worse, if camping there is often no shelter to protect the boards from theft. In any case, the designers of the Board Lock found themselves looking for a way to secure boards in order to enjoy other adventures of life. It was frustrating to have to go back home, or to the cabin, just to drop a board off, or risk leaving it alone and unsecured.

After shopping around, a consumer will find other styles that exist, but they are high in cost, flimsy, and appear to be easily breakable with minimal damage to the board. Some combine a keyed or combination locks that in time, out in the elements, are susceptible to dirt and salt causing a need for replacement. The designers of the Board Lock decided to put an end to all these risks and annoying situations by designing a new surfboard and paddle board locking device that can meet these needs and was versatile enough to have market appeal across both the surfing and SUP markets.

With these foundations in mind Experience Surf Company LLC was formed. Capturing the culture within the name, the company’s motto is “EXPERIENCE everything life has to offer, you only have one opportunity to enjoy each moment”.

board lock 1 board lock 2

Photos Courtesy: Experience Surf Company

The Execution

The design elements were simple. Board Lock had to be simplistic to use, versatile, and strong enough that if someone were to break it off, it would provide costly damage to the board to deter theft. With all this on the plate came the realization that the device needed to be designed with a standard fin box as the anchor point. To increase its durability from being exposed to salt, sand, and water, the company decided the Board Lock needed to be of an anti-corrosive material, which resulted in the Board Lock being available in Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Understanding that different users would want the Board Lock to be able to secure single or multiple boards in different seasons and in different locations, the company landed on a design that is versatile and can be combined with cable locks, pad locks, U-Locks, or chains and attached to any secure location or stationary vehicle. The result is Board Lock!

Board Lock is made up of two pieces called the “cup” and “plug.” The cup is secured using a standard fin screw of a length for the style fin box on your Surfboard or SUP. A fin screw is inserted through the center of the cup and tightened to a standard fin plate. Once the cup is in place, the plug is then inserted to the cup. Once assembled, the surf or paddle boarder has now prevented access to the screw. Now that the cup and plug assemblies are properly mounted, any cable lock assembly or lock shaft smaller than 18mm in diameter may be inserted through both pieces and secured to any solid fixture. In most cases, secure the cable to a truck hook, roof rack, around a bench, or even the fence of a dock. Each lock is shipped boxed with Cup, Plug, soft washer, screw and nut.

board lock unitsPhoto Courtesy: Experience Surf Company

Remember, surfboards and standup paddle boards can cost in the thousands of dollars so why risk leaving them unattended? Instead, lock the board and deter theft. Now grab your board and “EXPERIENCE everything life has to offer, you only have one opportunity to enjoy each moment”.

For more info on Board Lock check out their website here.

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