Starboard’s NEW Deluxe Lite Construction: Small Bag, Big Value

Starboard’s NEW Deluxe Lite Construction Starboard SUP Starboard’s NEW Deluxe Lite Construction

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Setting a New Benchmark with the Deluxe Lite Inflatable SUP Construction. Starboard, renowned for its innovation in watersports equipment, releases its latest development in materials tech: the Deluxe Lite construction for inflatable SUPs. This groundbreaking advancement establishes a new standard in premium entry-level construction, delivering unparalleled performance, convenience, and value.

The search for perfection began with the creation of over 20 inflatable prototypes, each constructed in various configurations, including knitted vs. woven drop stitch, with and without stringers, and double vs. single layers. These prototypes underwent exhaustive on-water testing sessions, by a large team of testers with varying weights and skill levels, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of every construction aspect.


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Complementing the on-water tests, our team conducted vigorous lab testing at our head offices, including static deflection tests to calculate stiffness and variable load testing to assess response and recoil. Further extended sun exposure testing was conducted to monitor material stability under high-temperature conditions. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a comparison matrix, identifying the clear winner: the Deluxe Lite construction, which excelled in both lightness, stiffness, and longevity when exposed to harsh sunlight for extended periods.

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Photo Credit: Starboard SUP

The Deluxe Lite Construction offers unmatched benefits to paddlers. Capitalizing on the Woven Dropstitch, it sheds up to 2kg in weight compared to regular inflatable paddle board constructions, resulting in enhanced glide, acceleration, and efficiency. These benefits enable paddlers to cover greater distances with minimal effort. Its reduced weight also means packing, loading, and transportation are super easy for paddlers of all levels.

Moreover, the Deluxe Lite integrates Starboard’s revolutionary Welded Rail Technology, a process that heat welds the seams and eliminates the need for glue. The mechanically bonded seams significantly extend the product’s lifespan and prevent leaks. The patented Roll Technology introduces a 3-piece foldable fin box, reducing the board’s size by 33% when rolled & packed, thereby further enhancing travel and storage convenience.


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In addition, the Deluxe Lite has numerous features, including:

  • Soft carry handles with extra padding for convenient and comfortable transport.
  • All new bungee tie-downs on the nose, with an additional centerline tie-down for added security.
  • New metal bungee clips for quick release and easy access to gear.
  • Four metal D-rings are featured at the center rails of the board for mounting a shoulder carry strap or fitting a kayak seat.
  • Enhanced EVA deck traction and a tail kick pad for greater control and stability.
  • Edge Release Technology on the underside for cleaner water release and enhanced paddling efficiency.
  • Lightweight bungee leash, double action foot pump, and travel-friendly wheelie bag included.
  • The Deluxe Lite is the lightest, most compact, and travel-friendly option from Starboard, without compromising on quality or performance. Join us in redefining the possibilities of inflatable SUPs and elevate your on-water experience with the Deluxe Lite construction.

Explore Deluxe Lite Construction HERE.


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