Starboard Unveils New Tech & Lineup for 2018

Over in Bangkok at Starboard’s headquarters, there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Prototypes that never make it out of the shaping room, experiments that would make you raise an eyebrow in disbelief, and of course, the testing.

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All Star Showdown – The 2016 All Star Vs. The 2015 All Star

Olympic Gold Medalist Larry Cain dives deep and does a showdown to see whether the 2016 All Star from Starboard SUP is as fast as the 2015 model in flat water. Here, Larry gets pretty techy and gets deep into his testing methods and how he came to his conclusion. Check it out…

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Starboard SUP 2016 Inflatable Touring Range

Maximizing glide and stability, the inflatable Touring stand up paddle boards from Starboard are designed to carry supplies and accessories for all adventures with it's bungee-tie downs, multiple FCS inserts and a paddle holder on the tail. Check them out on this cool sup trip in the incredible settings of Tofino, Canada!

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Starboard Introduces 2016 Summer Apparel Collection

For Summer 2016, Starboard Apparel continues to push Innovation Quality, producing Premium Technical Waterwear specifically for SUP, Windsurf and Surf. In doing so, they have created a collection of waterwear and lifestyle apparel to cater to your every need.

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What's In Starboard SUP’s Carbon Sandwich?

Ever wonder what makes up Starboard’s carbon sandwich? Here, Starboard plays off the popular TV show Iron Chef to demonstrate how their Carbon Sandwich construction is uniquely designed and created with more high quality materials compared to other boards on the market.

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Zane Schweitzer Reviews The Starboard Avanti

Starboard team rider and SUP surf star Zane Schweitzer shows exactly how the Starboard stand up paddle board, Avanti, can be taken for a ride. Fast glide and ease into waves, the Avanti offers incredible stability.

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The Future Of Cold Water Paddling | Starboard Enters The SUP Suit Market

Starboard Apparel is proud to announce the release of the All Star SUP Suit, a brand that is part of the ongoing evolution of modern day water-sports as pioneers and innovators. Developed with the most advanced ultra flex technology on the market, this suit is set to change the way people paddle in cold water climates.

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The Minds Behind Starboard's Award Winning Paddle Board, The 7'4" Pro

Want to know what goes into making a award winning paddle board? We caught up with none other than stand up paddle surfing pro Sean Poynter to get the scoop on the 7'4" Pro, the Starboard SUP that he's been working on for years, which by the way, just won the Supconnect Gear of the Year Award for best Surf SUP in the 2015 Supconnect Editor's Choice Awards.

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SUP Polo, The Future of SUP?

Starboard SUP is proud to launch SUP Polo, a game that is predicted to steer the future of SUP as a team sport.

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Introducing The Starboard Nut

“Why is The Nut so good?…it’s all about the thin waist.” Check out Starboard SUP’s newest creation, “The Nut.”

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