ANGLR Hits The Mark With Innovative New Bullseye Fishing Tracker

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – ANGLR, a tech company making waves in the fishing industry, announced today its innovative new fishing trip tracking system using Bullseye. A Bluetooth-enabled button that can be affixed to a boat or person, Bullseye allows users to effortlessly record fishing data with the click of a finger without needing to access navigation displays, logbooks or mobile devices. Redefining mobility and reliability, ANGLR removes the guesswork from a day on the water.

Designed to clip, stick or attach to almost anything, Bullseye builds fishing intelligence without interrupting the fishing experience. Once connected to the free ANGLR app, users can quickly and easily capture key fishing data; one click records catch locations along with weather, water and other key details, and two clicks marks a waypoint at the user’s current location. Cellular data is not required for use. Recorded trips, statistics, and coordinates are conveniently accessed through user profiles on the FREE mobile or web applications.

Each click of the Bullseye button allows the ANGLR app to provide trends and patterns related to the best days and times to fish, wind and water conditions, temperatures, GPS locations, moon phases, barometric pressure and more. Because ANGLR recognizes the importance of a secret fishing spot, all collected data is stored securely and remains completely private by default. Anglers can simply preserve a record of their own story for personal enjoyment or tap into the ANGLR online community to share details on their own terms.

“We’re a team of technologists, designers and engineers who love fishing, and these passions drove us to create Bullseye,” said Nicholas Wilson, CEO, ANGLR. “Our goal is applying technology to enable outdoor adventure and add depth to the experience without detracting from time spent out on the water.”

anglr bullseye

Built for the water, Bullseye is rugged, lightweight, weatherproof and clips to anything—making it perfect whether deep sea fishing the canyons, fly fishing mountain streams or ice fishing northern lakes. Its 2-year battery life ensures continuous, reliable recording of catches & waypoints. The ANGLR app is also compatible with additional Bluetooth accessories, like the ANGLR Tracker—the world’s only rod-mounted fishing sensor capable of recording casts, hook sets and more.

Bullseye is available for purchase from ANGLR for $29.99. The ANGLR app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information please visit www.anglr.com.


ANGLR is the most intelligent network of passionate anglers constantly improving together. It consists of a free fishing profile accessible across mobile and web, with optional tracking accessories, and a community of like-minded anglers who are passionate about catching more fish, measuring performance, identifying patterns, and collaborating deeper than ever before. www.ANGLR.com

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