Bart de Zwart Releases World SUP Excursion Video

In 2015 SUP expeditioner Bart de Zwart set off on the trip of a lifetime where he traveled around the world in 27 days with friend and photographer Franz Orsi. The twosome flew around the world with inflatable SUPs from Starboard SUP to the corners of the world. Starting the trip off in the Pacific then heading to Asia, Africa, Europe and Central America, de Zwart and Orsi traveled to and met with remote civilizations with strong connections to the water.

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2-Day Self-Supported Expedition On The Muskoka River

World explorer and Starboard SUP ambassador Bart de Zwart just finished up a 2-day self-supported expedition race on the Muskoka River. Bart de Zwart took part in the Muskoka X Coureur de Bois challenge which he describes as a "race different from anything else." See his story from the race here.

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Bart de Zwart Explores Turkey During World SUP Excursion

Starboard SUP ambassador and SUP Extraoidenaire, Bart de Zwart, lands in Istanbul, Turkey on the second to last stop on his World SUP Excursion. While in Turkey, Bart discovers minarets, ships and Turkish delight. Read more from his blog below.

Bart de Zwart Visits Ethiopia On His World SUP Excursion

Starboard SUP ambassador Bart de Zwart recently set off on an incredible adventure around the world, what he calls 'The Ultimate Crossing.' During this excursion, Bart seeks to explore unseen places one normally wouldn't see or hear of, and he is exploring all of these places while on his SUP. His most recent stop took him to Ethiopia.

Bart de Zwart Hits Nepal During World SUP Excursion

After exploring the isolated island of Yap in Micronesia, SUP explorer Bart de Zwart heads to Nepal to continue his journey. During his stay in Kathmandu, Nepal, Bart experiences first-hand the recent earthquake that was devastating to the country. Read about his time in Nepal here:

The Ultimate Crossing: Bart De Zwart's World SUP Excursion

Expedition, big wave, and long distance paddler Bart de Zwart has set off on a world-wide SUP excursion where he intends to visit the corners of the world to explore unseen places one normally wouldn't see or hear of, and he is exploring all of these places while on his SUP. As a part of the Starboard SUP Dream Team, Bart has had the chance to travel the world and experience many different cultures and places so this adventure will be one to add to the books.

Bart De Zwart Begins Incredibly Cold SUP Expedition

One of the most extreme stand up paddlers in the world, Bart de Zwart, planned  an Arctic Crossing Expedition which has already run into challenges and has made some interesting turns and changes. Find out what they are.

Bart & Laura Win Historic SUP 11-City Tour

After five days and covering 220 kilometers (136 miles), the SUP 11-City Tour finished up this past weekend on Saturday, September 8th.  The individual victories went to Bart de Zwart and Laura Quetglas Garcia.

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Record: The North Sea Conquered on SUP

Bart de Zwart arrived safely at a 12:45am on Friday June 1st to "The Spot" in Zandvoort, Holland after crossing the North Sea solo, non-stop and unsupported in almost 39 hours.  This was the first time anyone has attempted and succeeded at paddling from England to Holland!

Crossing the North Sea from England to Holland

Bart de Zwart, a 42 year old man from Maui, is setting off on another long distance SUP Journey.  Last summer he completed an unsupported, solo, non-stop SUP trip from the Big Island of Hawaii to Kauai.  This time he will paddle across the North Sea from England to his original homeland of Holland.

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