What To Avoid On A SUP Expedition

Adventure is one of the perks of SUP and it’s what keeps us all coming back for more. But, it’s not always as easy and fun as it looks. Things can and likely will go wrong at some point and no-one knows this better than some of SUP’s most experienced adventure paddlers Bart de Zwart and Gabriel Gray. In order to avoid these same unfortunate experiences, we caught up with these two to get some tips on what to avoid when on a SUP expedition of your own. Check it out:

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Exploring the Beauty of Washington DC by Paddleboard

In a bustling metropolis like Washington DC, known for its political vigor and historic significance, adventure can sometimes seem elusive amid the towering monuments and bustling streets. However, Bart de Zwart, a seasoned stand-up paddleboard adventurer, unveils an intriguing facet of the U.S. capital—its serene waterways that offer a unique perspective on this iconic city.

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Beyond the Horizon: Paddle Adventures in Lofoten with Bart de Zwart

Bart, an avid SUP enthusiast, embarks on an awe-inspiring solo expedition, delving into the unspoiled beauty of Norway's Lofoten archipelago. Through his eyes and experiences, we immerse ourselves in the unparalleled landscapes, unexpected encounters, and the relentless spirit of adventure that define this incredible odyssey.

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Exploring the Magnificent Melting Pot: A Paddle Adventure in New York City

Bart de Zwart, an adventurer at heart, recently embarked on a day city adventure in the iconic New York City, a metropolis that has always held an enigmatic allure. Bart invites us to see the city through a different lens - not the bustling streets, but from the serene waters that surround it. His account paints a vivid picture of a unique way to experience the city that never sleeps - from the deck of a paddleboard.

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Vanuatu - A Journey Back in Time

Well-known expedition traveler, Bart de Zwart shares details on his latest SUP expedition to Vanuatu, with friend and teammate Trevor Tunnington.

Checking In: Bart de Zwart

While on a trip to Thailand renowned distance and expedition paddler Bart de Zwart stopped by the Starboard Headquarters and went for a leisurely paddle on Taco Lake. While paddling the team checks in with Bart and chats about tips and tricks for long distance paddling adventures, who inspired him to do these adventures, and more! Check out the interview above.

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Bart de Zwart Finishes World’s Longest Race on a SUP

The Yukon 1000 is the world’s longest canoe race and takes place every other year. The Yukon 1000 is a 1,000 mile, self-supported race from Canada into the Alaskan backcountry and finishes in the Arctic circle. This year Bart de Zwart and his teammate Ike Frans finished the race in first on their stand up paddle boards. Here, Bart recaps the race and what it was like to paddle for 18 hours a day, 8-days straight.

Bart de Zwart Embarks On Marquesas Expedition

Expedition warrior Bart de Zwart embarked on the first leg of his Marquesas Islands crossing on April 17, 2018. The Starboard athlete flew to the islands from Tahiti, landing in Hiva Oa to begin his exciting solo journey.

Iron Mana Takes Huahine By Storm

The Iron Mana is one of the nicest, hardest, most beautiful, grueling but also unique events I know. It is not one of my long endurance races but nonetheless, challenging in many other ways. Some call it a boot camp, some call it their daily routine.

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SUP Training Guide by Bart de Zwart

Welcome to our new Athlete Training Program series. We are chatting with some of the fastest, strongest, and most fit SUP athletes in the world to find out what feeds their paddle engines. From their paddle routines and cross-training habits to diet regimens, recipes, and more, these athletes share the details of their daily grind. First up, we have SUP distance racing machine and expedition enthusiast Bart de Zwart.

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