Reasons Why SUP is the Perfect Sport for Social Distancing

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In this new era where group gatherings and public outings have become something that we're supposed to avoid if possible the need for outdoor activity and getting out of the house has become quite the desire for most folks. Luckily, standup paddle boarding (SUP) is the best of both worlds in that sense and allows you to social distance but still get exercise and fresh air. Here are a few reasons why paddle boarding is the perfect sport for social distancing.

1. You Can Paddle Solo

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One of the best parts of SUP is the ability to be able to do it on your own without anyone else. All you need is your equipment and a body of water. Heading out for a solo paddle allows you to get that much-needed exercise while also keeping the advised distance away from others. Just make sure you let someone know where and when you're paddling to be safe!

2. You Can Paddle in Groups w/ Safe Distances

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If you're craving and missing your social life paddle boarding is a great way to get out and see your friends while also keeping a safe distance. Since you're on your own board you're easily able to control the distance between you and your friends while also getting the much needed social interaction that we've all been craving.

3. You're Away from Crowds

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Generally, standup paddle boarding is a sport where you can escape and just enjoy nature. Even if you're in a crowded area you can just hop on your board and in a few strokes you can paddle away and find some space away from the crowds. This is the perfect solution to the social distancing recommendations while also getting your nature and physical activity fix.

4. Anywhere, Anytime

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SUP is an anywhere, anytime kind of sport and there's truly no time of day when paddle boarding can't be done. From early mornings to evening paddles and even middle of the night paddles if you're really looking to social distance you can find the right time that works for you and also avoid crowds in your local paddling zone.

While we're all adjusting to this new normal and keeping our distance from crowds standup paddle boarding is a great way to get in some time with your friends and family while also following the social distancing guidelines in your area.

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