Weekly Recap 6/23/2020


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5. Supporting eXXpedition CIC Through 1% for the Planet

paddle logger exxpediton planet

Heat Score - 63

Paddle Logger is stoked to announce their support for eXXpedition through 1% for the Planet. No one wants to paddle in a plastic sea and more of us are becoming conscious consumers when considering the products that many play a part in the damage to our ecosystems. Many companies have and/or are starting to be aware of this which is awesome - but we as paddlers can do more. Read more HERE.





4. The Benefit Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding For Kids


Heat Score - 71

Sadly, in today’s rushed society, you can’t go anywhere and not see a cell phone or tablet in a child’s hand…and it’s not just kids; adults are guilty of this as well. Truth of the matter is—most kids would rather stay indoors and interact on social media than go outside. Enter stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and we may have a solution! Read more HERE.

3. Must Have Gear for SUP Fishing

must have gear for sup fishing 8

Heat Score - 77

SUP Fishing is quickly becoming one of the go-to ways to have some fun on your stand-up paddle board and for good reason, it’s FUN! We teamed up with the team at BOTE Boards and compiled this list of gear needed for SUP Fishing. Here’s what you need

2. Paddle Boarding Lake Powell

lake powell sup LoneRoc

Heat Score - 85

Lake Powell is one of the world’s top SUP destinations. The incredible canyons and natural landscapes are unlike anywhere else on earth. Here we describe everything you need to know (and more!) about this epic SUP destination. Read more HERE.

1. How Can SUPers Fuel their Body for Optimal Performance?

optimal performance diet sup 2

Heat Score - 92

While you don’t need to meticulously count calories to perform at your best, it is important to stock up on a little more fuel on days when you will be out on your board all day to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to repair and restore muscles post-workout. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 6 23 2020

Photo via: Bridget Beury       

Description: Most people come to Florida for the theme parks and attractions. They don’t know what they are missing! Paddling through Florida’s natural springs is surreal.

Location: King’s Landing, Florida

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