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Paddle Logger is stoked to announce their support for eXXpedition through 1% for the Planet. We are paddlers, with a closer connection to the ocean than many. We buy equipment and accessories designed for use in the ocean, where we wish to go and play. Continuing on the same trajectory of consuming and discarding (product AND packaging), only sustains and continues environmental degradation. No one wants to paddle in a plastic sea and more of us are becoming conscious consumers when considering the products that many play a part in the damage to our ecosystems. Many companies have and/or are starting to be aware of this which is awesome - but we as paddlers can do more.

Paddle Logger have been inspired by the great stewardship practices that 1% for the Planet advocates and earlier this year committed to 1% of the annual sales, not profit, to support non-profit organizations focused on the environment.

"We are proud to announce our support of Community Interest Company eXXpedition." -- Lewis Smith (Paddle Logger)

eXXpedition is on a mission to explore and uncover new solutions to help solve the plastic pollution crises. Research knowledge and interdisciplinary creativity is key for solving the issue of plastic pollution which is why the team at Paddle Logger love the eXXpedition approach. This is to take multi-disciplinary all-female crews on sailing research expeditions around the world. While on board the crew are able to explore solutions and understand how their individual skill sets can be used to reach a common goal.

Solutions-based science, improved public knowledge and perception and community are key drivers for eXXpedition. These align with both the backgrounds of the team at Paddle Logger as well as the values for the paddling community. As paddlers we spend a huge amount of our lives enjoying the benefits that being on the water brings, whether that is some form of mental escapism, physically testing oneself against the elements or simply enjoying being outdoors.

"We all have a responsibility to do more to protect our planet and our ocean playground." -- David Walker (Paddle Logger)

On World Ocean Day 2020, eXXpedition launched the SHiFT platform. The SHiFT platform uses innovative technology to help users find their role and use their superpower to tackle ocean plastic pollution. By navigating hundreds of impactful solutions from sea to source, users can find the ones that are best for them to action based on how and where they want to make a change.

We can all do more -- SHiFT can help.

Paddle Logger is stoked to support this amazing organization and its activities, that is not only actively seeking greater knowledge but providing a tangible methodology for solutions that are impactful at scale.

What are your next steps? As responsible paddlers check out SHiFT.how and see where you can make an impactful change to help our ocean playground.

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