Must Have Gear for SUP Fishing

The BOTE Rackham board is perfect for your SUP Fishing needs. | All photos courtesy: BOTE Boards The BOTE Rackham board is perfect for your SUP Fishing needs. | All photos courtesy: BOTE Boards

DESTIN, Florida - SUP Fishing is quickly becoming one of the go-to ways to have some fun on your stand-up paddle board and for good reason, it’s FUN! As summer is fast-approaching, we wanted to give you a guide to what gear you will need in order to get out on the water and catch some fish. We teamed up with the team at BOTE Boards and compiled this list of gear needed for SUP Fishing. Here’s what you need:

1. The Right Platform

Board selection is one of the most important decisions an angler can make when deciding to SUP fish. You want the right size, shape, and even more importantly you want stability. BOTE Board’s 12' Rackham is one of the most fishing friendly boards on the market. The displacement hull allows for slicing and tracking through rougher water, a recessed standing platform and thick bow keep the paddler stable and the gear high and dry... And speaking of gear, the Rackham sports a capacity of nearly 400 pounds.

The Rackham also has a 5 fin setup. If you are looking to get into shallower waters, take out the center fin and head on through. Free your hands to bait your hook and reel in that big catch by stowing your paddle in the BOTE innovative Paddle Sheath®. Keep your fishing rods, tackle and gear dry on BOTE’s patented Tackle Rac®.

The BOTE Rackham also features stake out options via two thru holes–One of which is Power Pole® Micro compatible. There is a bungee system on the front and the back of the board to hold more gear, and even some of the fish you catch. Whether you are going on a quick fishing trip or a weekend fishing excursion, the BOTE Rackham is the board for you.


2. Polarized Sunglasses

One of the best advantages of SUP fishing, is increased visibility with standing as opposed to sitting in a kayak. Why not take advantage of this and increase your visibility even more with a quality pair of polarized sunglasses? Such glasses filter out glare on the water and allows you to see deeper and more clearly into the water.

3. PFD

Most waters require personal floatation devices for SUPs, and you never know when a wave, or even a random tree stump might catch you. Keep one on board with you always, just in case! The BOTE Rackham has bungees on the front and back, both perfect places to strap down a PFD.

4. Rods, Net, Tackle, and Bucket

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Gear needed for fishing? The obvious: rods, nets, tackles, & bucket

All the obvious essentials used for fishing, but where are you going to put it? The BOTE Tackle Rac is the perfect solution. The BOTE Tackle Rac not only holds your rods and tackle, but also features 2 arms for a backpack or bag. Don’t have a Tackle Rac option? The guys over at Salty Roots recommend a 5 gallon bucket to hold your gear. While they use their bucket alongside the Tackle Rac, here is how they fully utilize it.

“Besides the board itself, the five-gallon bucket is the most crucial item for SUP fishing. I never leave land without one. The most obvious use for the five-gallon bucket is to hold livies, but the bucket can be used for so much more. During the initial launch through the surf, the five-gallon bucket holds my 8-foot pogie net. Once I clear the surf zone the bucket becomes my live well. I throw around a half dozen live pogies or mullet in the bucket and leave the pogie net attached to the Tackle Rac. As soon as I hook up to a large fish (especially a tarpon) I tie the five gallon bucket to the rope of my castnet and throw it overboard. The bucket now acts as a drift anchor and applies extra drag to the fish. If the goal is to land monster tarpon (120-180-pounds) I recommend two five-gallon buckets for more stopping power. On windy days, I use one bucket exclusively as a drift anchor to help slow down my drift and keep me positioned in the feeding zone for a longer period of time.”

Learn more about SUP Fishing here.

5. Cooler

What goes along with fishing more than drinking? Pack a cooler of your favorite beverages and water to stay hydrated on your trip. BOTE knows this, therefore select the BOTE Boards feature cooler tie down points, as well as the new Stashpod which also doubles as a drink holder!

gear essentials for sup fishing 1The BOTE Rackham board features an awesome cup holder, perfect for your favorite beverage while fishing. 

6. SPF, Hat and Buff

When SUP fishing, long hours on the water and direct sun exposure can be expected. Be sure to protect your head with a hat, and your skin with a high SPF. Protect your face and neck with a Buff. Buffs not only protect you from the sun, but they also wick away sweat to keep you cool.

7. Waterproof Bags

For those longer excursions, you will need to pack a waterproof bag to keep your gear dry. The Patagonia Stormfront Sling is great bag, and while you can wear it, there is also plenty of space on the BOTE Rackham to put it while you paddle.

Once you get this general list of items, you should be ready and set to have a great day on the water! To see more items on SUP Fishing, click here.

Did we miss something essential? Let us know in the comments below!

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