International Ocean Championships for Seniors Coming To California

Peruvian surfer Felipe Pomar will be an attendee at the event. | Photo via: Rabbi Shifren Peruvian surfer Felipe Pomar will be an attendee at the event. | Photo via: Rabbi Shifren

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - The International Ocean Championships for Seniors (IOCS) is an annual competition for senior watermen and waterwomen from around the world: surfers, paddlers, swimmers and runners who have dedicated their lives to living in harmony with the ocean and its waves, uniting in a fraternal bond of competition, camaraderie and friendship.

Many of the men and women gathering at this stellar event have surfed and competed for over 50 years. The IOCS gives expression to their dedication to and interaction with the ocean and its waves.

Born in 1951, Glenn Hening was one of the founders of the Surfrider Foundation, an international organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans. Hening described the IOCS as: “A great opportunity for competitors to gather in a community that shares a lifelong dedication to the ocean and the physical conditioning required to match the energy of the surf zone.”

Born in 1943, Peruvian surfer Felipe Pomar won the Peru International in 1962, 1965, and 1966 (placing second in 1963 and 1967), was a four-time finalist in the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational between 1965 and 1969, and finished second in the 1970 Smirnoff Pro. In 1965, Pomar won the World Championships held at Punta Rocas, Peru - becoming the first Latin American surfing champion.

Pomar will be there: “Athletes involved in ocean water sports are among the healthiest, happiest and longest living people. With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age it is essential to provide positive examples that will reset society's standards for healthy aging.. Age is only a number and by making healthy choices and developing a positive attitude we can increase our health span, enjoy life, and inspire others to live healthy and productive lives. Be well.”

The event dates will be Oct 22, 2017 in Huntington Beach, California at the Huntington Beach Pier. Any waterman/woman 65 or over, who has been cleared by an MD and can swim 1000 yards in 22 minutes or less (certified by any AAU, high school, college, or Masters swim coach.) In order to compete in the IOCS championships, participants must be able to perform in ALL of the events. The events are:

  • Paddle: 1000 yards (paddleboard not longer than 12')
  • Swim: 1000 yds
  • Beach run: One mile
  • Run/swim/run: 500 yds
  • Surfing contest

To learn more about the event or for any questions, please contact: [email protected]

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