Actress Lena Dunham Rescued By Laird Hamilton After Paddle Boarding Blunder


LONG ISLAND, New York - During a charity event to support breast cancer research, actress and 'Girls' creator Lena Dunham was rescued from her paddle board by legendary waterman Laird Hamilton after Dunham drifted off course during a paddle board race.

Dunham was participating in the Hamptons Paddle & Party for Pick charity race on Saturday and was caught off-guard by the less than ideal conditions and she began drifting off course. Luckily, Hamilton had already finished the race and noticed that Dunham was in distress so he paddled out to her rescue and helped her get to shore safely. Dunham posted about the event on her Instagram shortly after and said, "It's hard to tell from this blurry shot, but this is an image of Laird Hamilton coming to save me. He is literally King Triton and as I struggled to complete BCRF's Paddle for Pink (an amazing event to support breast cancer research) he appeared as if from the ocean's depths and guided me to the finish line. I kept screaming "will I make it?!" like we were in a disaster movie. He said "yes, Lena, we will." Ladies, there are still a few heroes we can count on... #ThankYouLaird #paddleforpink #3miles."

lena dunham rescued instagram post

After all was said and done, Dunham continued to have a blast at the event in support of breast cancer research.

You can bet that Lena Dunham was stoked to have one of the best waterman in the world help her to safety, but some of us aren't so lucky, so when out paddling be sure to be safe and know your limits. On that note, here are some safety tips to abide by.

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