Tragedy Hits Mission Bay: 12-Year-Old Paddleboarder Dies

In a heart-wrenching incident, a 12-year-old girl lost her life while paddleboarding in Mission Bay last Saturday afternoon. The young girl's life was cut short when she was struck by a jet ski operated by an 18-year-old man near De Anza Cove.

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Paddle Boarder Attacked by Shark in Hawaii

On Saturday morning, March 31, 2018, a 25-year-old man was paddle boarding off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii and was attacked by a shark. According to reports by Big Island Now the man was paddling about 100 to 150 yards offshore when he was attacked.

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Paddle Boarder Survives Shark Attack Off Cape Cod Beach

Cleveland Bigelow was paddle boarding at Marconi Beach on Wednesday when a shark attacked his paddle board in only three feet of water. Thankfully the shark only took an exploratory bite on his board, and knocked the 69-year-old paddle boarder off of his board.

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Paddle Boarder Survives Great White Shark Attack in Mid-Atlantic

Kawika Matsu is currently recovering from a great white shark attack while paddle boarding in the Mid-Atlantic last week. While paddling off the coast of Ascension Island, the shark knocked Matsu off his paddle board and into the water, when it proceeded to bite him several times.

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Body of Missing Paddle Boarder Found in Lake Tahoe

The body of a paddle boarder was discovered on Monday from Lake Tahoe, after more than a year since he went missing. Marc Ma went missing in June of 2016, while heroically trying to get help for a group of paddle boarders in need of rescue after strong winds picked up on Lake Tahoe.

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26-Year-Old Paddle Boarder Drowns in Huntington Harbour

Tragic news coming out of Huntington Beach, CA as a 26-year-old man fell off his paddle board and disappeared into the murky waters of Huntington Harbour on Tuesday, giving us all a tragic and sobering reminder of the importance of leashes and Personal Floatation Devices (PFD).

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Fluffy Finally Attacks: Shark Bite in San Onofre

Over the weekend at one of Southern California’s most well-known places for surfing and stand up paddling, San Onofre, a beachgoer’s worst nightmare happened: someone was attacked by a shark.

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Paddler Attempting To Cross English Channel Rescued At Sea

For reasons unknown, a German Paddler was attempting to cross the English Channel with the intent of arriving in the United Kingdom when he was spotted by a diving boat about halfway through the channel. The diving boat then reached out to the UK Boarder Force who later arrived and took him aboard their ship.

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