When Roller Skating Meets Paddle Boarding

Tyler Fox, attempting to paddle board while on roller skates. Tyler Fox, attempting to paddle board while on roller skates.

SANTA CRUZ, California - Think you've seen it all? Guess again because we have another outrageous paddle board crossover attempt to show you. In the first episode of the Santa Cruz Waves Show, Neil Pearlberg and Tyler Fox go Roller SUPing (stand up paddle boarding while wearing roller skates) at Capitola by the Sea in Monterey Bay, California.

While seemingly an absurd idea with thoughts of "there's no way these two sports can be combined" you'd be surprised at how well these two are able to pull it off and ride a few waves on their SUPs while wearing their skates. If anything, it makes for a good laugh and can be a creative way to have fun while the waves are small. Check out the video below to see the action unfold.

Would you or have you done something like this? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Last modified onTuesday, 04 August 2015 10:48

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