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Written by Gina Bradley

East Hampton offers stand up paddlers a mix of serene waterways, ponds and lakes as well as miles upon miles of pristine shoreline. With paddles ranging from beginner to intermediate, there is something for everyone.


Paddle Diva owner, Gina Bradley, stand up paddles in Three Mile Harbor on her board made especially for woman paddlers. Photo: Evelyn O'Doherty





East Hampton is located on the eastern most point of Long Island and is about a three hour drive from New York City. The near-limitless number of bays, ponds and waterways along with miles and miles of ocean beaches perfect for SUP/Surfing and downwind paddles make this destination fantastic for stand up paddling.

Ideal for beginners to master flat water SUP and then gradually move out to the larger bays and the Atlantic Ocean, this is a seasonal location with summer being the best time to come for the warmer water temperatures and early fall for better hotel rates and less crowds. Access to the water can be tricky if you are not a local, but in this piece Paddle Diva will reveal a few of our favorite spots with the easiest launches, great protection from winds and the most beautiful scenery.



1 Miles and miles of ocean beaches and flat water bays
2 Ideal location for the beginner stand up paddler or for an intermediate paddler who wants to take on the ocean
3 The best time to go is summer (June-August) and early fall (September-November)
4 Water access can be challenging so make sure you check out the parking signs




Miles and miles of sandy beaches in East Hampton


If you are hardy, East Hampton offers SUP for all seasons. The best time to paddle is from about late April through mid-November. Once winter hits, the North East can get gnarly with bone-chilling winds and iced over bay, but as long as you have the right outerwear, you can go paddling year round.

In the summer, the water temperatures get as warm as 79 degrees Fahrenheit in some spots and all that is required to SUP is a bathing suit and sun screen. We recommend dry suits from December through March, and then back to winter wetsuits or steamer suits April and May. (Join Destination Group.)



1 Optimal season is early summer through late fall
2 Winter offers great SUP as long as you have a dry suit
3 Steamers or winter wet suits needed in the early spring and late fall






Hot Spots


Sag Pond & Accabonac Harbor

Sag Pond offers calm waters for SUP beginners


Sag Pond

Sag Pond makes for a perfect sunset paddle or a paddle for beginners. It has no currents and offers protection from the winds and there are no boat wakes or waves on the pond. One can park near the boat launch on the Southeast side of Bridge Lane and the access is very easy to get in and out of the water, just watch for the crabs! Upon reaching the south end of Sag Pond, you will land on the famous Sag-Main Beach and can enjoy an ocean swim, drop in with your board for a bit of an ocean SUP or take a stretch and explore the beach.

Accabonac Harbor

Accabonac harbor boasts some of the most pristine shore lines on the east end with miles of undeveloped marshland. Go to Landing Lane, a boat launch ¼ mile east of Springs General Store. If you paddle northeast, you will find the channel into Gardiner’s Bay, the body of water that separates Long Island from Connecticut.  This area is prone to tides and winds can be strong from the southwest in the summer, so it is advisable to pay attention to both.



1 Check Sag Pond for great a sunset paddle with easy flat conditions
2 Accabonac Harbor is great for a full-day adventure and sightseeing
3 Always be mindful of tide shifts and wind conditions



Three Mile Harbor & Ocean Beaches

Three Mile Harbor offers varied waterways


Three Mile Harbor

Located about two miles north of East Hampton, Three Mile Harbor offers some of the most varied waterways. It has flat water, tidal currents, access to the open bay, a winding preserve area and plenty of boat activity. It is a great spot for paddling as you can hug the shore line and get great protection from west and east winds.

Driving north on Three Mile Harbor road park at the first marina on your left, there is plenty of legal parking , port-a-potties, and a boat launch. Paddlers should take time to seek out the oysters lying on the bay’s floor, easiest to see at low tide. There are many nature preserves in the area such as Goose Neck Creek (a winding waterway that is like a maze) where one can spot turtles, spawning horse shoe crabs, blue crabs and striped bass.

If you follow the channel markers north they will lead you out to Gardiners Bay where you can continue your paddle along the shore going either east or west. This is something that is for strong paddler’s only due to the currents in the channel exiting and entering the harbor!

Ocean Beaches

East Hampton has over 20 miles of clean, white sand ocean beaches. Ditch Plains in Montauk is renowned for its surfing, but it tends to be overcrowded and not friendly to SUP surfers! The best spots for an ocean journey where you don’t need to have a local beach permit is either at Main Beach in East Hampton (Monday through Friday) and Atlantic Beach. Once you get out past the break, make sure you check the wind, tide and current and plan your trip accordingly. As you paddle along the shore, you find beach breaks and outer bars that make for some fun surfing.



1 Three Mile Harbor is a great spot for a longer paddle with varied sceneries and access to Gardiner’s Bay
2 Watch for tides running through the channel and winds as they pick up in the afternoons
3 Miles of empty beaches once you paddle away from the main areas



Other Paddlers


The entire Hamptons are a haven for surfing, kayaking, watersports and just about anything that has to do with the beach and the water. The number of outfits for rentals and lesson is limitless. See the list of contacts below for a few to contact depending on what you are looking for.

Join other paddlers in East Hampton, Long Island

Stand_Up_Paddle_East_Hampton_-_7 - Photo: Evelyn O'Doherty



1 Main Beach Surf and Sport: Board Sales, SUP tours of Georgica Pond and surf lessons.
2 Air and Speed in Montauk: SUP instruction, SUP Board and Surf Board sales, great for rentals in Montauk for access to ocean spot further east. ‎



About the Author


Gina Bradley founded Paddle Diva in the summer of 2009. Paddle Diva was created on the premise that women are completely underserved in the Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) market. Formerly a fitness instructor, wind-surfing teacher, and PADI certified Scuba Instructor, Gina has a real passion for SUP and knew that this was a trend that was about to catch on for women. Motivated by her love for the sport, Gina began her SUP business by teaching women in East Hampton and listening to what they wanted from the sport. What resulted was the creation of The DIVA board, a women's stand-up Paddle Board that has been custom built by Nature Shapes for women only. Gina not only offers this custom-made board for sale but additionally SUP instruction, SUP tours, ocean awareness coaching, SUP surfing lessons, and children's lessons.

Scott Bradley, her husband and Gina live in East Hampton, NY and divide their time between there and Rincon, Puerto Rico with their two children, Emma (8 years) and James (5 years) always in tow!


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