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BOTE Board ambassador Sean Strahlo paddling with his pup at Ballard Park. | Photo: Jacob Strahlo BOTE Board ambassador Sean Strahlo paddling with his pup at Ballard Park. | Photo: Jacob Strahlo

Words by Sean Strahlo

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida - Located on the beautiful east coast of Florida, less than an hour drive from Orlando, lies Brevard County, a true standup paddle boarder's paradise. Brevard County is home to a wide array of unique paddling destinations. From the epic beaches to the peaceful backwaters, there is a paddling destination for every skill level and paddler.

If you're looking to score some waves, winter swells can offer head high barrels at popular surf spots like Monster Hole, RC's, Spanish House, and many more. If you're looking for a tranquil, relaxing paddle with beautiful scenery, Ballard Park, Thousand Islands, and Crane Creek can provide just that. Brevard County can also bestow SUP anglers with some of the most heart pounding, adrenaline pumping fishing one can experience.


Seasons play a big role in deciding when to visit Brevard County. Depending on the desired paddling activity, the seasons and weather patterns will make or break a successful trip to Brevard. Generally speaking, April through September are the ideal months to enjoy Brevard's spectacular SUP fishing opportunities. The weather is warm, the winds are light, and the fishing is red hot as the bait and trophy game fish migrate through the county.

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are almost a daily occurrence throughout the entire summer, so an early start for any paddling activity is key. The winds begin to pick up and the 90°F temperatures begin to fade around late October. There is surf year-round in Brevard but the bigger swells are usually scattered throughout the winter months.

brevard county destination sebastian inlet 1 photo sean strahloTarpon fishing is hot out at Sebastian Inlet! | Photo: Sean Strahlo


Hot Spots


Ballard Park

One of the more versatile paddle boarding destinations in Brevard County is Ballard Park. Located just off US 1 in Melbourne, Ballard Park is an amazing location for all types of paddle boarders. The park sits on the bank of the Eau Gallie River which slowly feeds west into the Indian River Lagoon. There is little to no boat traffic and the park is sheltered from the wind, making it a great place for a leisurely paddle or to train. The park is home to large species of wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, and alligators. The shoreline is lined with marinas, beautiful residential homes, and untouched foliage. Tarpon, snook, trout, and redfish are common catches throughout the summer months. Dozens of manatees can be found stacked up next to the Eau Gallie River dam during cold winter days which allows paddlers to get a unique up close experience with these giant mammals.

brevard county destination ballard park 1 photo jacob strahlo brevard county destination christy sheffield ballard park photo sean strahlo

Pictured: (L) Sean Strahlo throwing the castnet at Ballard Park | Photo: Jacob Strahlo / (R) Christy Sheffield paddling under the rail road track at Ballard Park | Photo: Sean Strahlo

Bicentennial Park

Another incredible spot to paddle is located just over Eau Gallie Causeway, on the beachside of A1A. Bicentennial Park in Satellite Beach is a excellent destination for SUP anglers. Giant tarpon up to 180lbs, bull redfish, over slot snook, and sharks up to 9ft in length are common catches throughout the summer. The world class fishing begins just beyond the breakers. Enormous schools of menhaden and threadfin herring collect here during the summer.

Numerous types of game fish feed voraciously on these schools of bait presenting SUP anglers a great opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. If the fishing is slow, Bicentennial also has a decent break year round for surfers. If SUP surfing is your main goal venture down the road a few miles to a the local's favorite surf break, RC's, which produces head high plus barrels with the right swell.

brevard county destination bicentennial park photo ryan hambelBOTE ambassador Sean Strahlo with his fresh tarpon catch. | Photo: Ryan Hambel

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Thousand Islands

Further up the coast in Cocoa Beach, sits a much more well known paddling location, the Thousand Islands. The Thousand Islands are a 338 acre conservation site in the Indian River Lagoon which consists of a series of naturally occurring islands that formed when waves punched through the barrier islands depositing large amounts of sediment. The banks of the islands are covered in mangroves and home to many species of wading birds, ospreys, eagles, and pelicans and manatees, dolphins, and otters can be seen swimming through the waterways and canals.

There are two marked nature trails that run throughout the islands which allow for a great pit stop during your paddle. The Thousand Islands are protected from the wind and are an excellent spot for a relaxing paddle or even to target some of Florida's finest gamefish like snook and trout.

brevard county destination thousand islands photo jacob strahloSean Strahlo with his redfish catch of the day on his BOTE Board. | Photo: Jacob Strahlo

Sebastian Inlet

On the opposite end of the county lies the ever beautiful Sebastian Inlet State Park. Most known for its premier fishing, Sebastian Inlet State Park is a must see destination when visiting Brevard County. The park is open year round and hosts 43 campsites, boat ramps, two jetties, a tide pool, and nature trails. The lagoon side of the park is a wonderful area for a leisurely paddle amongst the mangroves and wildlife such as dolphin, manatee, and aquatic birds can be seen year round.

This area is also a superb place to target some of Florida's premier gamefish. For those looking to score some waves, the ocean/beach side of the park has phenomenal surf breaks like Monster Hole and First Peak. The surrounding beaches and waters are home to some incredibly beautiful reefs and sea life. Hundreds of sea turtles come to these beaches every year to nest, making for an unbelievable paddle boarding experience.

Dive around the North Jetty during slack tide to swim with enormous goliath grouper, giant schools of snook, dense schools of baitfish, and many more species. The biodiversity at the inlet is astounding. Be cautious of boat traffic and strong currents when paddling around the mouth of the inlet. Schedule a trip to Sebastian Inlet State Park on a week day to truly enjoy the state park crowd-free.

brevard county destination sebastian inlet photo sean murphySean Strahlo paddling around Sebastian Inlet. | Photo: Sean Murphy

Other Paddlers

There are tons of other paddlers in the Brevard County area. From the crew at Epic Boardsports in Cocoa Beach to the crew at SEA SUP Go in Melbourne Beach, and even up to the Ace Hardware in Titusville there are tons of places, people and options to help you get on the water and have some fun.

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