How To Pump

Learn how to pump your inflatable quicker and easier! Learn how to pump your inflatable quicker and easier!

SAN DIEGO, California - Red Paddle Co. has some of the best inflatables on the market. They often get asked what the best technique is for pumping up their boards is, as they have some experience in this field, they thought it would be a good idea to put together a short How to Pump video! Here are the steps they’ve provided on how to inflate your board quicker and easier:

Step 1:

Using the Red Paddle Titan Pump, make sure the stopper is in the back of the pump so you’re using both chambers. This will give you the quickest inflation, up to about 8 PSI.

Step 2:

Keeping your legs straight, simply just push down with your arms.

Step 3:

When the pumping gets a bit more difficult, keep your arms straight and use the power from your legs to help you. This pushes the weight down over the pump and doesn’t require your arm muscles, but more requires your body weight.

Step 4:

When it gets too difficult, remove the stopper from the back of the pump and place on the section on the back of the pump. Now, you can revert back to the same technique that you started with in Step 2 and Step 3.

You should be able to find yourself able to inflate to a much higher pressure , much quicker using this technique. Watch the video below to watch the inflation action and to learn more about the Red Paddle Co. Titan Pump

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