Danny Ching Shares Amazing SUP Tips on Webisode


SAN DIEGO, California - Danny Ching does a live webisode and shares amazing tips and techniques for more efficient paddling and best equipment to paddling experience more productive! 



Danny talks about different boards for different conditions.  In Utah, he uses the 404 Aarow Board, which is designed specifically for flat water.  It’s built for speed but a little less stable.  For downwind racing the key is stability and a board that can fit into waves.  For the Battle of the Paddle, Danny goes for an all around board that’s ideal for, speed, flat water and waves.



Danny has 3 great tips for optimal technique for productivity in races.  First, he says to focus on the basics.  Put your paddle in the water, setting the whole blade very cleanly in with as little disturbance as possible.  If you have bubbles or splashes, this could potentially slow you down.
Second: Make sure the paddle is vertical.  When you put the paddle in the water don’t pull the paddle towards you.  Put the paddle in the water, plant your weight and let the paddle pull you forward, doing the work for you.  Using your torso gives more leverage than using your arms.
Third:  When Danny paddles, he recommends getting the paddle out of the water as cleanly and quickly as possible. Try not to undue the good work you did in the beginning of your stroke…the shorter your stroke, the shorter your glide.


Fitness and Diet:

During race season, Danny does a lot of cross training.  Since he grew up doing outrigger, this comes naturally to him and he can easily do 30-50 miles in a day.  However, if he were to SUP for 10-15 miles he says he can feel it a lot more.  Danny recommends to train smarter, he rides a bike once in a while and does cross training at the gym to keep flexible and stronger.  As far as diet, he says that during race season he definitely pays more attention to his diet.  Off-season, however he does enjoy an occasional fast food break but still maintains a healthy diet.


To see the complete Danny Ching Video view above.


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